Lost City of Omu Datamining Update: Upcoming ZEN Additions & Giveaway Mounts

With any new major content addition, Neverwinter Unblogged usually digs deeper into the game files to reveal possible upcoming additions. It’s no different with the Lost City of Omu and 20 days before the release, we present our patented datamining update! It’s not too fancy this time, but we were still able to find some interesting stuff behind the scenes.

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Pilgrim Weapons

You may or may not already heard that the Lost City of Omu comes with four brand-new Artifact Weapon sets of item level 500. One of those, called “Pilgrim”, will be available at launch on the ZEN market. The main hand is packaged with the Chultan Tiger Companion and the Off-Hand with Enchanted Keys, making the full set buyable for approximately 5,000 to 8,000 ZEN. Best case is that the Off-Hand comes with 20 keys, worst case 50. That’s why it’s hard to further narrow down the price tag.

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Additional Campaign Packs for Genie’s Gifts

Lost City of Omu will feature additional campaign packs for the Maze Engine and Storm Kings Thunder campaign. Just like previous ones they can be bought with Genie’s Gifts. The Maze Engine packs are already available on preview and contain one Tales of Adventure each. The Mod 10 ones are still missing though and will probably get added at a later point. We’re sure players will learn to love them as Storm Kings Thunder is one of the longest campaigns to run.

Colored Axe Beak Icons and Summer Charge Bonus

Four colored Axe Beak Mount icons were added to the game. One of it, the “Saratuk’s”, can already be linked to a Summer Charge Promotion. As we’ve mentioned in our preview article about the Soulmonger’s Lockbox, Companions & Mounts, it’s going to be a ZEN promotion similar to this one. The others are potential community giveaway mounts that are raffled away in live streams and such.

Reworked Blood Ruby or New Refining Packs

It also seems that the ZEN refining packs will see some sort of rework. There is ZEN artwork for a new “Refining Pack” that may or may not replace the Blood Ruby ones. There is a normal version and two more with the Celeste Companion and Favor of Tymora coin. So it looks like the pack will come with additional incentives during certain events or promotional periods.

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That’s our little datamining update for Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu! Do you like what you see? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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One thought on “Lost City of Omu Datamining Update: Upcoming ZEN Additions & Giveaway Mounts

  • February 8, 2018 at 9:41 am

    Do you know whether the new weapon sets will be BtA or BoE?

    And whether we can farm them for Alts with our Mains, like we could with Twisted Weapons in eDemo?

    If BtA, they will be worth farming with my most powerful characters. And maybe even worth buying a set in a Sale.

    I like BtA Gear for my Alt-aholic Army, as swapping enchants is time-consuming and very gold-costly. I was a little dismayed that the Chult-Crafted weapons were BoE, although I do have a few Legendary sets.

    I supposed the companion will be a single purchase, not Account-Wide like the Erinyes of Belial from SW Booster pack etc?

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