Lost City of Omu Gear Visuals

As part of our massive preview of Neverwinter’s Lost Citys of Omu, we are giving all you fashionistas a closer look into the gear visuals that come with Module 13. As always, a lot of skins have been reused, but there’s also a fair share of new stuff to play around with.

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This article contains galleries for all new weapons and gear visuals. Where it makes sense, I’ve included male and female models. Although not tested, head pieces as usual probably don’t work on the Dragonborn race. Gear that is missing simply doesn’t feature visuals or reuses old ones:

  • Most Artifact Cloaks don’t come with a visual
  • The Masterwork Armor/Weapon Sets look like Primal Gear
  • Exalted Weapons and Vivified Gear doesn’t change its look
  • Pilgrim Weapons (albeit included) are just a recolored version of Primal


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Control Wizard Weapon

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Devoted Cleric Weapon

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Guardian Fighter Weapons

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Great Weapon Fighter Weapon

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Hunter Ranger Weapons

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Oathbound Paladin Weapons

[su_slider source=”media: 11084,11083,11081,11082″ link=”lightbox” target=”blank”]

Scourge Warlock Weapon

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Trickster Rogue Weapons

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Hunts Gear

[su_slider source=”media: 11070,11071,11072,11073,11074,11075,11068,11069″ link=”lightbox” target=”blank”]

Makos and Eku Gear

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What looks do you like the most? Are there some you can’t stand? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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