Lost City of Omu Preview: Fane of the Night Serpent Instance

As part of our ongoing massive preview of Neverwinter’s next update, the Lost City of Omu, we are looking at the new instance “Fane of the Night Serpent” today. It unlocks as part of the extended “Jungles of Chult” campaign by completing the task of the same name in the “advancement” middle path, and functions as weekly quest after its initial completion. The instance concludes the story of Module 13 and sends adventurers into the new “Cradle of the Death God” trial. Its entrance is located in front of the Omuan Temple in the Lost City of Omu adventure zone.

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More Than a Weekly

While the “Fane” first and foremost is a common weekly to run for 25 Lost Idols, there are some additional things to go over here. I’m not going to cover the story for those that want to experience it themselves, but let’s just say that it doesn’t seem like the rift between Makos and Celeste is going away any time soon.

But more than that, the Fane is indeed one of the more challenging solo encounters to date. There’s a lot going on during the boss fight and lower geared toons definitely want to team up for this one. I actually died on my first run while figuring out some of the mechanics (Life Scrolls ftw!). This make the instance a fun experience that you can’t just sleepwalk through. Players have to deal with painful AoEs, stamina draining, and a multitude of control effects.

But not only the boss fight gives players one or more surprises. Running the Fane you suddenly fall into a pit of poisonous clouds and have to find a way around the trap. Granted, that’s not really super challenging and once figured out becomes a repetitive mechanic, but it nonetheless adds to the atmosphere of a (also visually) well done map.

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Ring of the Shadowstalker

The instance additionally comes with an unique reward, the Ring of the Shadowstalker. It features Power and Armor Penetration as stats and has a very useful equip bonus that adds a percentage of damage when you are closer than 25 feet to your target. This looks like a strong choice for melee DPS and PVP players and comes with two offensive slots starting at its +4 version.

I haven’t been able to figure out whether you can run the Fane more than once per week. If not, grinding for the ring can probably become annoying, especially if you aim for more than one.

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Overall the Fane of the Night Serpent is an interesting instance that offers challenge and an unique reward. Have you been to it already on preview? What are your thoughts? Share them on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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