Lost City of Omu QoL Roundup: Loadouts, Fashion Bag & October Bugfix Month!

As part of our massive preview of Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu, we are looking at some quality of life changes today. As mentioned during the “State of the Game” live stream, the devs moved away from pure “B” QoL modules and instead incorporate such changes into the main ones. That’s why Module 13 already features a good amount of minor improvements to boost adventurers’ everyday experience.

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Loadout Improvements

A major request around loadouts since their introduction has been to include Mounts and Companions to the system. So far only gear was affected, which already helped a ton, but still required players to manually switch a lot of stuff depending on their builds. This finally is history as all Companions, their gear, and all features of the Mount stable will be saved with loadouts. That’s a huge improvement, because sometimes Insignia Bonuses change significantly for example. One prime example is Wanderer’s Fortune, which you always want while doing dailies, but is most likely not needed in group content. You can now fully handle those situations and setups with loadouts.

Fashion Bag

Next to the loadout improvements, the devs filled another major request by the community. Fashion has long been an afterthought in the game and one reason was a missing inventory for it. Bag space matters and storing “looks” directly had to compete with other items like refining. Many players said that they would love to use more fashion, but the limitations of the system was a big obstacle. Well, not any longer, because a new specialized inventory will take care of your fashion needs!

It works like the other specialized inventories for professions or companions, but features one important exception. Fashion items can still go into regular bags, so players can choose where to store them. The fashion inventory will start with 24 slots, extensions are available on the ZEN market (12 slots for 250 ZEN).

October Bugfix Month

Last but not least, all fixes of Rocktober will make it into the Module 13 build. It’s too many to go in detail in this article, but we’ve compiled an extensive list with all relevant infos here. We would highly recommend going over the changes as pretty much every class and aspect of the game is affected. However, all Rocktober fixes will also be included in the official patch notes.

That’s our first roundup of the upcoming quality of life changes. Do you like what you see? Share your thoughts on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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