Lost City of Omu Streaming Schedule and Spotlights

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For the launch of Neverwinter’s “Lost City of Omu”, Neverwinter Unblogged has teamed up with some PC streamers to give you guys a rough schedule of streams showing the new module’s content. We already have our list of online Neverwinter channels on the sidebar, but it’s console and PC and you are not guaranteed that the picked one actually shows M13 (console players are still on M12). So we figured it might be best to do an extra schedule here. This also gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and mark down the times of your favorite streamer.

The streaming calendar can be found here (see update below). We update times as soon as they are reported to us, so make sure to check back regularly. If you are a PC streamer and think you should be included, read through this page and fill out the application. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Streamer Spotlights

We also took the opportunity to reintroduce streamer spotlights to the community. Arcgames did some over a year ago, but never continued. That’s why we offered streamers participating in our schedule to fill out a small survey. We will post their answers throughout the first two weeks of the module launch. It hopefully helps the community to get to know the guys they are watching.

Have fun playing and watching Neverwinter’s Lost City of Omu!

*** UPDATE *** The event is over and the calendar no longer available. Thanks to the streamers who participated! Keep rocking!

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