Lost City of Omu Zone Quests, Heroic Encounters, and Rewards

As part of our extensive preview series of Neverwinter’s next module “Lost City of Omu”, we are tackling the zone quests, Heroic Encounters and attached rewards today. The quests in the zone are different from the Patrols, Dailies and Weeklies you pick up in Port Nyanzaru, because they can be repeated infinitely.

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Regular Zone Quests

Players can pick up the regular zone quests from the contacts at the Abandoned Guard Tower in the zone. The setup is similar to the one in Soshenstar River. Two quests can be picked up at the same time and as soon as you hand in a completed one, another will unlock. These quests have no daily limit or cooldown and are fairly simply to complete.

  • Lost Translations: Gather six Omuan Tablets that can be found across the map and occasionally drop from mobs.
  • Royal Recovery: Invoke the “Seven Winds Ritual” at specific spots to be able to jump up ruins and gather three Royal Caches.
  • Purge the Unclean: Purge three unholy sites and kill some mob waves.
  • Little Gods: Offer three Trickster Talismans to specific shrines in the Undercity.

As you can see it’s really just your typical fetch and kill quests. You shouldn’t run in to any trouble. All hand out five Lost Idols and 20 Omuan Treasures, the store currency in Lost City of Omu.

Mob and Map Quests

On top of the zone quests, certain mobs and the map environment hand out additional quests. Those are different as they have a small cooldown attached to them. You definitely can do them more than once per session, but can’t chain them like zone quests.

  • Fallen Templar’s Journal: On several location you can find a fallen templar you can interact with. Collect six Lost Journal Pages to complete the quest. The locations of the pages vary.
  • Royal Relic: Yuan-Tis can drop this quest that you just need to hand in at the Abandoned Guard Tower. This one only grants three Lost Idols instead of the usual five.
  • Wayward Soul: On several locations your can find an Omuan Ghost that you need to escort to the Omuan Temple.
  • there might be more that I haven’t found yet.

Lich Lore, Makos and Eku

Thayans drop a special mob quest called “Lich Lore” that you can hand in either at Eku or Makos on the Lost City of Omu map to gain favor. Both NPCs feature stores with unique rewards shown below.

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In addition to the gear, both sell potions for five favor that add 600 points to the following stats:

  • Power and Crit
  • Deflection and Life Steal
  • Recovery and Armor Penetration
  • Hit Points (3,200) and Defense

Besides the two unique mount skins (plus a variety of possible Insignia Bonuses thanks to one Universal Slot) there are some items that look interesting:

  • Fancy Wraps: Clerics that have trouble keeping Hallowed Ground up could like this.
  • Armor of Quick Recovery: Very viable for support builds.
  • Ring of Offensive Action: Very cheap double-offense ring with a DPS boost on daily use. Looks strong although true DPS builds can’t do too much with Recovery.
  • Ring of Defensive Action: Very cheap double-defense ring. For tanks or support that run a Con Artist.

As their item level of 465 already suggests, none of these are completely “high end”. But for some builds, alts, or as temporary replacement there’s not much to dislike.

Heroic Encounters

The Lost City of Omu adventure zone features two new Heroic Encounters. The “Tyrant” one pops up occasionally near the Tyrant’s Lair on the north-west of the map. It’s similar to the “King of Spines” in Soshenstar River in that you have to fight a big bad T-Rex in the end. That’s preceded by several rounds of Raptor and Undead bashing. Nothing special here…

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFu1zUXo5oQ” https=”yes”]

For the other Heroic Encounter the devs went back to something they’ve done in the River District. The “Wrath of Acererak” requires an instance to work together and empower all the shrines in the Undercity using Trickster Talismans that frequently drop from mobs. So you basically have the choice to either instance hop to an active Tyrant or work together with others in your instance to create the HE yourself.

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22inB8RKedo” https=”yes”]

That’s our preview of the zone and mob quests as well as the Heroic Encounters on the Lost City of Omu adventure map. Do you like the setup? Found more quests that are not mentioned in here? Let us know on our social channels, in the comments below, or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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