The Lowbie Diaries Vol. 39: Dread Ring on One Weekend

Lowbie Diaries BannerWelcome to a project, experiment, challenge or whatever you wanna call it. Normally experiencing the content with well-geared toons, I figured it would be quite interesting to approach the game from the perspective of a casual player. How does it feel starting from scratch and build up a character without the help of your mains? How long does it take until you are geared enough for the latest endgame content? Welcome to the Lowbie Diaries, it should be fun!

First Dungeon Runs

As I’ve stated the last time, I was focusing on doing the first dungeon runs with my little DC. It went down quietly, which is actually a good sign. Clerics are always welcomed and apparently my item level of around 11,000 is already high enough to not raise any red flags. I obviously haven’t unlocked anything of Storm Kings Thunder or above, but the T1 and T2 runs I did were the usual farm affair.

Such a character can also majorly profit from the Protector Seal Vendor changes. Relic gear, even fully discharged at item level 420, is the best thing to get until Chult, which I can’t access yet. You earn the seals by just doing your daily runs, so you will basically automatically get there over time.

Dread Ring on One Weekend

Equally great for lower level toons is the Double Dread Ring currency weekend. With the minor help of some Genie’s Gifts you can complete the campaign, and that’s exactly what I did. From opening lockboxes I still had some stashed away, so I grabbed the 20 Thayan Ciphers and bought the rest. Module 2 has always been grind-friendly, but considering that toons still needed a full month to get through the campaign, it’s amazing that you can complete it today by simply walking by on a double event. In terms of progression you don’t want to miss those, especially since they do not happen too often.

In the meantime I’m still grinding the River District for those Artifact Weapons. It’s going well, but more on this on the next episode of the Lowbie Diaries! See you then!

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2 thoughts on “The Lowbie Diaries Vol. 39: Dread Ring on One Weekend

  • August 15, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    While i do really like your writing this lowbe diaries is a bit offputting. I get the Idea of this lowbe diaries thing but 11k ilvl is not lowbe anymore. I thought you were joking when you were afraid of people calling you out for low Gear.

    Reading this volume seems you were serious about IT? If you werent than all is fine. Else i have to say this is kinda getting offensive. Why? Because 11k means you have completed all campaigns except maybe chult and/or river district. On top of this you Will have legendary/mythic Artis, rank 4/5 ring, kits in all possible gear items and at least full ellemental dragonflight Gear with maybe even a few non-vivified relicpieces. The only real thing missing would be rank 9+ enchants and a fully bonded legendary comp. Having those enchants and comps would make these toon fully geared up, aka high geared.

    Morale of the story. Please stop pretending your ilvl is low as this is mocking people who are not fully geared up yet and use the more proper term of medium geared.

    • August 16, 2017 at 1:03 am

      Thanks for the feedback mate! I’ll talk about that topic in the next episode. Cheers!

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