Maze Engine Adds New ZEN Market Class Packages

We’re back with our last datamining and item related post about the Maze Engine that will be going live on Tuesday. As usual the ZEN exchange experienced a nice spike in anticipation of the new Module, because players know that a release always comes with new goodies on the real-money store.

Trickster Rogue Booster Pack
Trickster Rogue Booster Pack

Maze Engine is no different as it will introduce packages for the five original classes (Control Wizard, Devoted Cleric, Great Weapon fighter, Guardian Fighter and Trickster Rogue) similar to the ones that are available for the Hunter Ranger (package), Scourge Warlock (package) and Oathbound Paladin (package). The companions and transmutes however could at least partly be recycled as we were able to identify a Slaad and Greenscale Hunter companion, a blueish Lathander Cloak and the Sparkling/Glacial CW Orb in purple. Adding those Booster Packs generally makes sense though, because players might be tempted to choose new characters solely based on the packs available for them. In the end the items do help in the first few levels a lot.

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Mysterious Void Locket Pack
Mysterious Void Locket Pack

The second addition we could dig up is the Mysterious Void Locket Pack that probably aligns with the idea of the current Dusk Boots Pack to package useful items with Lockbox keys. You would think that key sales are significantly down due to the VIP program and they need new ideas to still sell those independently. The picture suggests you might be able able to get the Goat augment companion, which is in the game files for quite some time now, but hasn’t been introduced yet. We are not sure what the Locket could be, but the picture also shows the Lesser or Normal version of the new Shadowclad Armor Enchantment.

We also believe the new Enchantment Pack of the Shaundakul lockbox will feature the Terror and Negation Enchantment, which would be a strange timing given the new Shadowclad and Dread Enchantment actually challenge exactly these two.

Last but not least, here are the maps of the new Portobello aka Respen’s Game event and the Sahha sports field addition to the Summer Festival map:

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