Module 11 Launches With Loadouts, Lags and Progression Irritations

Yesterday Module 11: The Cloaked Ascendancy launched with much fanfare! There was a great trailer, a nearly three-hour live stream with quite a few surprise appearances and, of course, the new content after an extended maintenance that got delayed multiple time. In today’s post we are looking back at the action yesterday. What went right, what went wrong and what are the most glaring issues so far?

Delays and Lags

The first rule of release days is: Don’t hope for everything to go right. The initially six hour maintenance from 6 AM to 12 PM Pacific got delayed until 3 PM. Players could fortunately kill some time on the official Perfect World live stream that was co-hosted by our new Community Manager Nitocris83. The stream received mixed reaction and was a little wild a times, but great getting to know some faces behind the usernames. Garlaanx by the way did a great video summarizing all gameplay relevant statements and we recommend to watch it!

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The most obvious issue after the maintenance was finally over was the insane lag in the new River District. Like, you could literally barely move. The most logical cause were overcrowded instances with an unusual high player cap of 50. Today that cap has been lowered to 30 and we’ll see whether that’s already going to fix the rubberbanding when the population will reach its peak later.

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Hard to progress

Way too many players in instances caused problems in other areas as well. In the introductory quest line you are required to upgrade a Guard Post to progress. Good luck finding those as pretty much all instances are rapidly conquered by the players. Sorry AI, you habe no shot! This was a concern on preview already where even single players could easily handle the map. Now pretty much all Dig Sites are unlocked at all times. For the same reason another quest that wants the players to unlock a Dig Site with a Sewer Map is slightly misleading. For it to complete you only need to enter a Sewer, not actually unlock it yourself. To get the type of a Dig Site, hover over the green ladder on your minimap.

This over-population also makes completing the daily substantially harder. Upgrading Guard Posts is one of the most efficient ways to resolve it. Another minor annoyance are the mechanics of the Ritual Heroic Encounters. For progress with the daily you actually need to spend Reclaimed Magic to stall the rituals, but that prevents other players from efficiently farming them for Evidence of Evil. This conflict of interest between players can lead to some frustration. Some Encounter additionally do not seem to spawn reinforcements correctly and can get stuck.


One funny and minor issue is the fact that the loadouts UI made it to live. The feature wasn’t even ready to get tested on the PTS, but the devs forgot to scratch it from the live release. Sorry guys, no loadouts for now, but they are coming!

What are your thoughts on the new Module and its launch? Are you enjoying the content or are annoyed? Share your experiences in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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