Monday’s Bag Of Tricks Vol. 4: Mod 6 Preparations

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Welcome to the fourth installment of Monday’s Bag of Tricks! On some Mondays you will find useful tricks, gimmicks and ideas here that can make life in Neverwinter Online easier. Some of the stuff should be well known, but since even veterans learn something new every now and then, chance is you can, too!

It’s that time again: We are slightly over a week away from Elemental Evil and everybody starts to ask more frequently how to prepare best for the arrival of the new content. Here is your non-graded list of stuff you want to do or avoid.

  • Buy ZEN: The ZAX always explodes in anticipation of a new Mod, because new stuff is being added to the store, and it’s no different this time. The backlog is already at 2.5M, but if you exchange AD for ZEN today, you’ll probably still have them in your wallet next Tuesday.

There is no campaign assigned to Mod 6, so some of the new stuff will be available from the old ToD campaign, which means you can start to farm gear right now.

  • Farm PVP currency: This is mandatory for all your PVP toons. The new Elemental Armor Set costs about 80k Glory and 27 Seals of Triumph, is available right at start and should be BiS for PVP. Next to the glory cap at 50k you can amass additional Seals and GG Coins to get your new set asap.
  • Get 60 Fallen Dragon Fangs and 200 Dragon Hoard Coins: At the WoD vendor there’s a new Eternal set available for 15 Fangs and 50 Coins per item. It’s a level 61 blue set which is a decent start into your post-60 advancement and the new stat curves. The most important thing: It adds over 30k HP, which you are going to need.
  • Farm Linu’s Favor: The new Greater Cloaks are available for them at 15 each.
  • Farm Draconic Heralds in WoD but don’t open rewards: Two things: a) The HEs get a pretty significant upgrade in the RP they drop and b) will drop the new Greater Artifact Belts. If you save the rewards and claim them in the new Mod, they will contain the upgraded loot. The ones that absolutely want BiS on the first day and can afford it will pay a fortune for the first new Belts available. So if you luck out on the rewards, you are going to make a decent coin.
  • Start the Dragonforged Artifact Task and claim the reward in the new Mod: The new level 70 Artifact Weapons drop from the same task that brought the 60 ones, so if you want your new BiS weapon asap you can start the task in advance. It’s not really as important though because you need some time to get to 70 anyway and the Weapon is available from completing the new quest line.
  • Buy Malabog and Dread Weapon Fragments: This is a shaky one because there were new recipes that used the old fragments to produce sizable level 70 weapons. The last patch removed those and the old level 60 recipes and nobody can tell whether they’ll return.

The current equipment at level 60 is made obsolete, so there are a couple of market decisions you may want to consider.

  • Don’t refine current Artifact Gear: There will be a complete new line of Artifact Gear so invested RP are partially wasted.
  • Try to sell all BoE level 60 equipment: All level 60 gear will be obsolete once the new Mod hits and the prices should go down significantly. This also includes any Artifact Cloaks or Belts you still own.
  • Try to sell all BoE RPs: This one is hard to predict, because both the supply and the demand will be going up in Mod 6. Overall though players will be able to get their RPs a bit easier and, that’s important for AH value, more BoE RPs will drop.
  • Get old collection lockbox items: It looks like the old lockboxes will receive a nerf, because they won’t drop stuff for level 70 characters. So they are probably no longer as desirable to open which means old mounts and companions will probably get more expensive.
  • Sell old lockbox items: For the same reasons stated above, you should sell old Artifact Provision Packs, Strongboxes of Enchantments and stuff. The new Earth-Aspected Strongbox of Enchantments no longer drops Rank 6 Enchantments for example, but adds Rank 8 ones and Normal instead of Lesser Weapon/Armor Enchants. The one exception might be the Rusted Iron Lockbox, because Mulhorand gear still holds some value in pre-60 advancement as well as lower level PVP and it drops Lantern and Waters Artifacts, that can be used to efficiently refine other Artifacts.

Last but not least, a few profession notes.

  • Invest in the Jewelcrafting profession: The new Black Earth Lockbox will no longer contain a Jewelcrafting Special Pack, which means the prices of the assets should go up.
  • Invest in the Alchemy profession: Alchemy will be used to craft the new Unified Elements that are needed as materials for all higher tier crafting recipes. The purple ones should be even more valuable than Dragon Eggs, so people will want to produce them. This also means you should have at least one toon with Alchemy at max rank.
  • Invest in the Platesmithing profession: All items for the Paladin, especially underwear, will be in high demand at the start of Mod 6.

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We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.

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  • March 10, 2015 at 8:40 am

    The way to get the new mainhand might be changing , you can now get the mainhand and offhand lvl 70 artifact weapons from handing in lvl 70 quests.

  • March 14, 2015 at 12:52 am

    Ugh now they have fixed it so HE rewards are clamped at lvl 60 if that is when you got them , some people on the official forum are such twat

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