Neverwinter Fixes Dupe Exploit and Avoids Major Gold Glitch in Module 15

In what could be labeled a special edition of our “Exploit History“, we’d like to talk about two very recent and potentially very dreadful bugs. Both could have turned out devastating, but one never gained too much publicity and the other one was fixed just in time before causing trouble.

Duping Exploit in Cradle

The first one was a duping exploit that allowed players to duplicate items in the Cradle of the Death Gods trial. This has been going on for a while, but we’re not sure whether individuals have actually exploited the bug. Most fascinating, duplicating items didn’t even require a complicated procedure to run through. Editing game files? Following a very distinctive pattern? Force lag? No, no, and no. Apparently all you had to do was trade items on the elevator platform.

We cannot logically explain how something like this could happen, but it’s certainly one of the more perplexing unintended effects. So far we could only confirm both the bug and the fix for the PC version of the game by the way. We contacted PWE to get to know the state of the console version, but they failed to reply in a timely manner.

Gold Glitch and Workshops

The other nearly catastrophic glitch remained unfixed on the preview server for quite some time. As the picture shows, you were able to buy certain Tools from the Module 15 Professions Vendor for less than you could sell them, effectively allowing infinite Gold production. Since the Workshop system makes Gold a much more important resource, we’re sure this wouldn’t have ended too well. But in literally the last second the devs made the necessary adjustment and included a fix in the very last build before Module 15 went live.

Neverwinter definitely dodged two bullets here, right? What’s your take on these two exploits? Share your thoughts and experience on our social channels, in the comments below, or visit our message board!

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