What the Neverwinter Patron System Could Look Like

With Neverwinter’s “Tomb of Annihilation” a tiny bit of a new system unintentionally leaked to live that some of you might not have even noticed if you weren’t actively doing the Storm Kings Thunder campaign with one of your characters. The campaign quests for a few weeks were netting double reputation, the major progression currency. The same was true for Icewind Dale, but those quests were only showing double reputation, but not actually granting it.

So nobody noticed?

Gutschera confirmed the leak during the Reddit AMA, joking that nobody had noticed it. Well we did, and reported new “Patron Markers” in one of our datamining posts even earlier. What we haven’t gotten right though is how the system is supposed to work. Since their icons match with the ones of ZEN campaign unlocks, we thought you might have to pay for them as well. Gutschera however noticed the system would benefit alternate characters. While this doesn’t rule out the possibility of a cash shop item, it seems to be closer to something that’s already in place in Star Trek Online.

Taking a page out of STO’s book?

Its “Reputation Sponsorship” allows characters that have completed campaigns to craft so called “Sponsorship Tokens” that bind to account. These tokens can be transferred to other characters that may use them to claim double currency in the specific campaign.

This would indeed match what we’ve seen on live and would obviously a great addition. It would effectively mean that any character beyond the first could move twice as fast through campaigns. One important limitation however is that not all currency is doubled, like during a double weekend event. In Storm Kings Thunder only the reputation was affected, not the Voninblod or Ten-Towns Supplies that you need to progress as well. The same is probably true for other campaigns. So you can theoretically progress twice as fast, but it might also come with additional grinding obligations.

Different campaigns, different approach?

It’s additionally going to be interesting how campaigns are handled where players can also spend the progression currency on other things. Doubling Feywild Sparks means you would also get more currency for Stronghold Coffers or Power Points, double Faerzress would make it way easier to amass keys. It could be that those campaigns do not hand out more currency, but just half the cost of progression tasks.

In any case the Patron System is something players can look forward to. It won’t solve all issues with alt play, but it’s a step into the right direction. It’s either coming in Module 12b or 13 the latest and will definitely make it easier to bring alts through the campaign.

What’s your take on the Patron System? Is it something you personally would profit from? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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