Neverwinter Playstation Release FAQ: The Action Combat and PVP

The Neverwinter Playstation release is right around the corner and many new players are probably asking themselves whether it’s worth to give the game a look. It’s completely free, so the risks are low. Some players however like to know what they can expect down the road and for those we are going to answer a few essential questions in the coming weeks.

Neverwinter Playstation Release Date

After talking PVE in our last FAQ for the Playstation crowd, we are going to switch the focus to PVP and the Action Combat in this one.

The action combat is fun!

Neverwinter’s combat system separates themselves from traditional MMOs with fewer powers and more action. There’s no auto-attack, auto-aim or tab targeting, although some skills can only be fired if you aim at a valid target. It makes choosing and using powers more skill-based and contributes to a fast-paced combat experience. There is honestly not much to dislike here.

Great PVP potential, but…

Domination Node
Domination PVP

The combat system in theory should contribute to a great PVP experience. But sadly the game makes little out of its potential. Fights should be action-packed, fast and interesting, instead it’s painfully slow and frustrating. Nowadays builds feature such a high survivability that only very few can actually kill each other in a 1 vs 1. PVP is a chess match in which rotation and strategy matter the most. Players are stalling instead of killing themselves. It just doesn’t fit the action combat theme in any way.

Gear > Skill

Another issue of PVP is that gear matters above all else. And since getting to the top is expensive or takes a significant amount of time, the game mode can be considered pay-2-win. Additionally some items are so broken that you either have them or lose. It takes away a lot of variety.

There is really not an easy way to get to a competitive level, which is especially annoying since PVP is on a constant decline. You would actually need to lower the barrier and bring more people in, instead interested players are getting scared off quickly.

No competitive environment

The PVP endgame population in the meantime has no competitive environment to prove themselves. There is a leaderboard and matchmaking, but the ranking is not a true representative of skill. Multiple issues contribute to that fact, it’s simply not working. There is no challenge system in place as well, neither for 1 vs 1, groups or guilds.

The one tournament event the game had is currently on hold due to balancing issues. And the open-world PVP areas are mostly vacated. It is a mess. If you are looking for PVP first in your MMOs, Neverwinter is currently no recommendation. The action combat system is completely trivialized in PVP and the population for decent matchups is just not there, making most matches a lopsided affair.

Given a few changes though, it has the potential to be not only good but great. The devs are currently working on a full balancing pass and another PVP game mode might be the horizon. It’s a slow process, but things could be looking a lot brighter in a few months.

That’s it for today folks! In future posts we are going to deal with more topics, so stay tuned. In the meantime make sure to share questions and remarks below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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