Neverwinter Uncensored Site Vacation and Roadmap

Hey guys,

Neverwinter Uncensored will be going into vacation until May 29th due to personal reasons. During the next two weeks the blog and the toolbase won’t be updated and we will probably be back with the Community Watch on Sunday. We might also be a bit slower to react on errors, site emails and personal messages.

We’d like to use the break to talk a bit of what’s ahead and answer a few frequent questions. This year we were able to establish one post per day on the blog, which we think is an amazing feat given the size of the game and the small amount of contributors. Besides daily talk and news about interesting topics in the Neverwinterverse, we currently have ongoing series and guides about the Demo Tool, alternative characters, improving dungeons and the ACT. All of these will be continued after our break.

The site has steadily grown this year, but we have now reached a point where our low-budget server is no longer able to handle the load at all times. In peak hours the server errors are annoying and we are already looking into alternatives. We want to make sure a potential move would come without any significant downtime and are currently still evaluating and gathering info.

The current server situation also made it necessary to look into the Toolbase for potential load improvements. The next version 1.0.7 will be a maintenance release with little to no additions on the front end. It’s a huge update nonetheless as we will fully revise the code, make it more readable and extendable, improve database queries and add more administrative options for us.

The next two big projects are Strongholds and internationalization. We are getting frequent requests to add the Russian Drider server to our Auction House crawl engine and we’d love to do that, but with a server at its capacity it’s currently not realizable. Since we also need to make further changes to include other languages anyway, we won’t stop with Russian and the Toolbase will be able to show tooltips and items in the language of your choice.

Of course the existing tools are constantly improved and bugfixed as well, but an area the Toolbase is dearly missing is Strongholds and we are planing of releasing a flurry of tools for alliances and players next. Raw ideas include calculators for Guild Marks and coffer contributions. Is it better to buy this or that if you’re looking to add to the Labor Coffer and which campaign currency do you have to trade in with a Genie’s Gift if you want to generate most Guild Marks? You can also do some stuff with alliances and the structure bonus, but that one depends on how the system will ultimately shape out.

Last but not least we want to thank everyone for the fantastic feedback and suggestions that we get on a weekly basis. A decent amount of the stuff you see on the site has at least partly been influenced by the input we receive!

Keep it coming and we’ll see in two weeks!


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.

One thought on “Neverwinter Uncensored Site Vacation and Roadmap

  • May 16, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Really enjoying the content you guys provide, particularly the community watch stuff as I don’t have time to crawl the forums and reddit very often.

    Look forward to your return after your break.

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