Neverwinter Uncensored Social and Discord Mount Giveaways

Today we’re proud to announce that we’re wrapping up Neverwinter’s Ravenloft on PC in style! Until the release of “Heart of Fire”, you have a chance to win one of five Ravenloft exclusive “Suratuk’s Darkfish Fey Wolf” Mount codes. All you need to do is follow the instructions of our social giveaway below! The Mount grants +80% Movement Speed and comes with three Insignia Slots. These keys are valid only for the PC version of Neverwinter. They will not work on other platforms. They will not work on the Russian (RU) server.

Uncensored Ravenloft Darkfish Fey Wolf Giveaway (PC)

Feel left out as console players? No problem! Because our Discord server hosts a second giveaway for the next 14 days that offers a chance at a “Suratuk’s Tropic-Colored Spider” (Xbox), Suratuk’s Blue-Spotted Spider (PS4), and Suratuk’s Teal-Dusted Axebeak (PC). These unique mount skins are from the Neverwinter’s Module 13, Lost City of Omu, and one of the very rare chances to still get them. The console versions grant +50% Movement Speed and come with two Insignia Slots. The PC one has +110% Movement Speed and three slots! Just hop onto our Discord and follow the instructions in the #giveaways channel.

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Good luck!

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  • November 4, 2018 at 6:42 am

    Hello i want to try the gateway for ps4 if it still availible and for EU too. But i can’t have or found link to use the app. In internet samsung navigator it give me a new account…. no need that. Any idea suggestion to resolve that?

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