Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase Is Coming Soon

Sup Everyone!

We’re proud to announce that we’re progressing well with the next release of our NWO:UN brand. People familiar with the site surely know our Ratings Calculator, trackers of the ZAX exchange as well as the Auction House and other market tools. Since an upgrade to the current phpBB 3.1.x software was looming anyway, we decided to extend, rework and add to our tools based on feedback and our own conceptions. So far the tools have been a loose collection of independent scripts and we’ve compiled everything under a new platform that we call the NWO:UN Toolbase.

We’ve been intensifying our efforts during the last two months and are approaching a first release candidate, which will feature:

  • A fully searchable Item Database
  • The Ratings Calculator
  • Auction House data of most sellable items in the database
  • ZEN/Astral Diamond Exchange Tracker and basic analysis
  • Neverwinter Tooltips for your message board or site
  • API to retrieve some data from our database for your own apps

You might notice that some of the tools are missing, but we are currently focused to get the core functionality online and working, because the other stuff based on it anyway.

An extended downtime of the message board will be necessary to upgrade the board and we’ll inform you when we have a date. In the meantime be sure to check back as we will probably preview some of the new and old revamped features regularly.


We are always looking for people that contribute to this blog. For more information contact us via or check the forum.