Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase Now Maze Engine Ready

It took us a few days into the release, but we’ve finished the next update of our toolbase, which deals with the changes the Maze Engine brought.

Next to including Module 9 Enchantments and Refining Stones in our market tools and adding a whole bunch of icons and categories to the item dabatase, we mainly brought our ratings simulator up to speed.

Stable Preview
Stable Preview

We’ve generally moved the tool closer to a true Character Builder by adding all ability scores and allowing more rarities in artifact and active bonus slots. The boons have gotten a more prominent place now and you can fully pick your setup including the ones from the PVP campaign. These also do add to the ratings when switching from PVE to the OWPVP (open world PVP) ones. The new enchantment slots allow slotting gems that do not add to any rating as well. Making them work like all the other gear slots comes with the advantage that maintaining the tool got a bit easier. Since the item database has grown we have switched to an icon based gear preview for the slots, but you can quickly go back to the old table view within the popup.

Module 9 builds now come with stable and insignia slots and matching insignia bonuses are displayed as well. Unfortunately 1.0.5 became such as fundamental update that we couldn’t keep your character data and all users will find blank Guardian Fighters when checking their settings.

This was a major update, so make sure to test the tool thoroughly and compare ratings and item levels to your ingame values. If you find any bugs, issues or inconsistencies let us now! We’re excited to see your updated builds!


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    great work guys! awesome!

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