Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase Preview: Auction House Data

Our new layout for the Auction House Data will conclude the first set of previews for the Neverwinter Uncensored. There will however be more posts detailing other new functionalities, but we wanted to make sure the engine is up and running with Underdark, so we will start the upgrade process today (a separate posting with details is going up after this one).

Auction Data
Auction Data

With the Toolbase, our Auction House Data is finally getting the front end it deserves. Fueled by a crawl engine that is capable of grabbing AH data from hundreds of different items per minute, the data will be used to feed the other market tools in the Toolbase. You will also be able to browse through the data of items and sellers to get the information you want. The data consists of five categories: Volume, Auctions, Items, Average Price and Average Auction Age, which are pretty self-explanatory. We will start off with a basic toplist of items and sellers and on each single item page you are going to find a heat map and topsellers for the item next to our well known price development chart. In the item database search function, a little icon will indicate that the items features Auction House Data.

Single Item Auction Data
Single Item Auction Data

We are planning to extent to these base functionalities in the future. The first addition will be pages for sellers so that you can look what you yourself or other players have recently sold. For registered users, we plan to add bargain alerts that can inform players whenever an auction heavily under the market price is posted. We are also trying to guesstimate the Neverwinter population using the data. Assuming that active players are using the Auction House, we add up players that have posted a certain amount of items and output the data in a population chart.

Unfortunately the data from the Auction House is massive and we’re not yet sure what the Toolbase will be able to handle especially since we’re on a low-budget webspace. Because of that we will be limiting detailed data to 30 days and are aggregating older data in monthly segments. So whenever you are searching for anything older than 30 days you will not be accessing the live data but an estimation based off the monthly data. Additionally resource-heavy queries are preprocessed once per day, so results of searches might be a few hours old.

Despite that we certainly hope you’ll be having the same amount of fun crawling through the data we had when developing these tools!


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3 thoughts on “Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase Preview: Auction House Data

  • November 18, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    Just a small comment on that – The shown sales volume is that high because I repost stuff a lot and there’s no way for you to see if something has sold or reposted.
    Nothing I do isn’t legit in any way 😉

    • November 18, 2015 at 12:47 pm

      The real sales volume is about 20% of what is shown there – this probably also counts for the other ones.

      • November 19, 2015 at 1:57 am

        We actually have a small disclaimer that states exactly that but is not shown on the pictures. We also have the Auction Age as indicator how frequently items are getting refreshed or sold.

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