Neverwinter Uncensored Toolbase Updated for Swords of Chult Release

Two days ago “Swords of Chult” hit on the PC version of the game and today we follow with an update of our own! Version 1.1.2 brought our Uncensored Toolbase up to speed. It now supports the new refining system and other relevant changes in the corresponding tools.

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New Tools for 12b

Due to consoles still operating under Mod 12, we did not go with a hybrid approach and just went with a new set of 12b tools that will eventually replace the old ones. The new Character Simulator can now temporarily be found here and the Market Refining Tools have also been split. This makes sure we support all our users from the different platforms.

The 12b version of our Character Simulator not only supports both the Bonding change and new enchantment ranks. It additionally should provide a more accurate representation of your ratings thanks to some changes to the code. We basically have a much better handle now on when certain procs are applied and what stats they affect. Make sure to provide feedback in the corresponding threads if you feel something is missing or not working as expected.

Refining Got a Lot Easier

Since the refining got majorly streamlined, so did our tools. The Artifact Refining Cheat Sheet no longer supports the feeder system and a lot of refining stones and their matching bonuses could be scratched. You’ll obviously still be able to calculate all costs of upgrading your stuff and gain a nice market advantage. We fully expect that the rush to rank 14 will present opportunities and our Buy vs Make is the best way to cash in.

We certainly hope you’ll enjoy our 1.1.2 update! Have fun retooling your characters and experimenting with the other tools! In case you run into any questions, make sure to post them in the comments below or the corresponding thread on our message board!

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