Neverwinter Underdark XBox Primer: Content And Campaign

On February 9th Neverwinter Underdark will be released for the Xbox and to continue the tradition of this site, we are making sure you can start Module 8 off on the right foot with our Primer. We cover all important elements from the added content, the campaign, new items, QoL changes and endgame on Wednesdays until release. Have fun with it!

Added Content

Neverwinter Underdark does not come with a new full-fledged adventure map where you complete quests and stuff, but as you progress you will eventually get into Mantol-Derith, which serves as HUB for the campaign and stores and probably also future addition if there will be any. To unlock it, one character per account has to complete an introductory quest-line called “Dwarven King”, which is written by famous author R.A. Salvatore. If you don’t mind spoiling yourself, here’s a review. Quite a few achievements (again: spoilers!) are attached to it and in case you missed some, the complete quest line can be replayed after completion.

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New Heroic Encounters are added to to Dread Ring, Icewind Dale, Well of Dragons and Stronghold maps with corresponding dailies that will help you complete the campaigns faster. There will be two new Skirmishes called Throne of the Dwarven Gods and Prophecy of Madness that come with no item level requirements. A new 10-sized raid against the demon prince Demogorgon is introduced in a normal and epic version. Players with an item level of 2,000 can queue at the bottom of the hour within Mantol-Derith for the normal version, the epic one is a free queue and requires 2,500 item level. For PVP a new Spore Tower can be build added to your Stronghold.

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Underdark Campaign

Underdark Campaign UI
Underdark Campaign UI

The campaign is pretty straight forward. There is only one important currency for progression that’s called Faerzress and it drops from all added content. There is also only one progression task that you can hit every 20 hours and costs 200 Faerzress, which sets the amount of time needed to complete all boons to 35 days, but you need boon books for the last three as well. Similar to other campaigns you are able to forge chest keys for one of the skirmishes or Demogorgon and after completing the campaign you can also invest your currency in two tasks that generate Stronghold Vouchers or rough astral diamonds.

Getting enough currency to progress in the campaign is pretty easy. Even players with limited time should be able to get enough to Process Faerzress and do a key. The other two currencies, Demonic and Twisted Ichor, that you can get from the campaign content, are used to buy new gear and weapon sets. They have installed a weekly limit of 400 for Demonic Ichor to stall progress a bit and as always this affects hardcores more than the casuals.

We hope this gives you a quick overview of what’s being added with Underdark. You might also refer to the wiki page or the official PC Developer Blog HUB. Next time we’ll be dealing with the new gear and general itemization of Underdark! If you have any further questions or hints, make sure to leave a comment or visit our forum.


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