Neverwinter Weekender: Some of the Best

weekenderlogoThe Neverwinter Weekender is our weekly column that contains everything you need to know to have some fun along the Sword Coast on the weekends! We’ll inform you guys about the events across all platforms, preview and review them as well as hand out some tips and guides. This is the perfect spot to start off your adventures!

Double Astral Diamonds

Double events are admittedly a mixed bag sometimes. On some weekends you hardly notice them because you can barely profit, but that’s certainly not the case this time as both consoles and PC feature some of the best you can get. To celebrate Easter the devs throw a rare Double Astral Diamonds at the console crowd! With the Cloaked Ascendancy recently being released, you have even less reasons to not log into the game! You can currently farm Salvage worth several weeks if you’re active enough. Garlaanx also brings you advanced tip on how to turn Trade Bars into RADs in the video we’ve embedded below.

As if that wasn’t already enough, the devs throw a VIP discount into the mix and add a Bundle Pack sale!

Double Refinement Bonanza

While PC players might rightfully watch the Double AD with jealous eyes, it’s hard to complain for them either because the next Double RP is on the calendar! It’s the first one after the Cloaked Ascendancy launch so most players will probably bring their Ascended Weapons to legendary status. The devs also have added the usual corresponding sale in the Refinement ZEN store category.

Driftwood Tavern

Both PC and console players don’t want to miss the first Community Live Stream of a new series that brings updates, community spotlights and giveaways! Hosted on the PerfectWorld Twitch channel it starts on 11 AM Pacific time today, or four hours from the publish date of this article. We have created a cooldown for you guys so you can track the start time no matter the timezone you’re living in.

Food for Thought

Overall adventurers on all platforms are looking at a great Easter weekend. There is one minor disturbing factor though. On PC the devs also run the Mysterious Chicken Egg event and players can currently buy these eggs for 1.2M on the Wondrous Bazaar.

Thematically that’s a fit… Looking up the Auction House however, you will notice that the same eggs are selling for merely 120,000. Since they drop from several events like the Winter Festival nowadays, their market value has plummeted over the years. Plus the included companions are not actually that strong. The sale already was completely obsolete three editions ago and it’s completely puzzling why the devs keep throwing this event out there. Tl;dr: Do not buy the eggs from the Wondrous Bazaar. Totally not worth. Sad.

We hope you guys will enjoy the weekend with our overview! In case you have any questions or remarks, make sure to put them in the comments or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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2 thoughts on “Neverwinter Weekender: Some of the Best

  • Avatar
    April 15, 2017 at 7:52 am

    The shown Nightmaresphere only gives 2750 AD instead the shown 5,5k.. Maybe this only works on XBOX

    • Avatar
      April 17, 2017 at 10:46 pm

      Which part of “double AD event” is giving you trouble?


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