Neverwinter Year in Review: July, August and September

To start off 2017 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with July, August and September today. Other quarters can be found here: January, February, March and April, May, June and October, November, December.


The month started with the Lliira’s Celebration and tooltips still weren’t very clear about how the reward tiers in the mini event work. A few days later the Summer Festival and it’s new Ticket Ball system went live. An exploit overshadowed the start of the event though. Training Balls unintentionally granted tickets as well, which led to some players massively farming them. Additionally a Legendary Raffle scam briefly distracted the Xbox version. We also published an opinion about events in general.

While the game was close to being released on the PS4, PC players were waiting for the next module Storm Kings Thunder. It was set to deliver Fishing, solo PVP queues and level 70 character purchases as well as a new dungeon.

PWE delivered their usual fuck-up and Communications Manager Yetweallfalldown left the company.


The Summer Festival came to and end and made way for the release of Storm Kings Thunder on PC. One of the main questions around the playerbase was how to get the necessary item level and Everfrost Resistance for Fangbreaker Island. Also the Voninblod mechanic drew a lot of initial criticism. Only three days after the release Daigotsu and Fernuu wrote their superb Mod 10 guide on the Scourge Warlock. MinMax meanwhile started his series on the PVE Trickster Rogue.

The personnel changes at Cryptic continued with Senior Designer Chris “Amenar” Matz leaving the company and Thomas Foss taking over Lead Design from Scott Shicoff.

Unfortunately August didn’t pass without issues. The Frost Enchantment unintentionally debuffed mobs and Scourge Powers could pierce CC. Additionally the devs had to remove Steam Packs due to an exploit of the Steam Refund Policy. The Warm Welcome Pack in the meantime handed out too many rewards on Xbox.


Portobello DaVinco took console players on a special journey. A rumor that players could exploit the illustrious Beholder Tank however created quite some noise. On PC players got more and more comfortable with Fangbreaker Island and the devs rolled out the first major patch in Mod 10. It included a fix for the piercing CC, but not yet one for a new discovered bug with Sparks.

The PVP solo queue arrived and some new issues with debuffs were uncovered. The quarter ended on a true low, because Cryptic announced the shutdown of the Gateway. This also majorly affected our Toolbase.

That’s our review for the third quarter of 2016! In case you want to add something or have a general comment, share it below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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