Neverwinter Year in Review: October to December

To start off 2019 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments, and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with July, August, and September today. Other quarters: January to MarchApril to June, July to September.


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In October we were still cleaning up the mess that was Huntgate while the game already dealt with another glitch. This time it fortunately only was a minor one that let players see the random queue dungeon they would get. Questions about exploits weren’t allowed for the official Reddit Systems AMA that took place, but players were able to ask about the upcoming “Heart of Fire” release that would hit preview during the month. Unfortunately the feedback process was less than ideal. The devs barely answered and on top of it we learned that the main dev behind a massive balancing pass had left the studio.

On the blog it was all about getting all aspects of the mod previewed and for many reasons it was the most extensive coverage any mod had gotten up that point. It was a busy month, but well worth it!


The PC crowd then was finally able to enjoy module 15 on the live server at the start of November. Many however felt like “Heart of Fire” wasn’t as polished as other content. It indeed featured a lot of annoying bugs to crucial progression quests for example. Players were also able to level up much faster than intended and make way too much gold thanks to some generous Workshop recipes. The devs gradually dealt with all the issues, but it definitely was one of the buggier releases of recent memory.

On top of that, many new systems were discussed controversially. The RAD economy changes comes to mind, but the changes to lockboxes is also a prominent example. Later in the month the highly anticipated Thanksgiving holiday arrived with a flurry of sales and discounts! It’s always something you want to mark in the calendar and properly prepare for, because you can profit from the week big time!


We would have loved to end the year on a high note, but unfortunately the posts in December mostly had to deal with negative news. Another dev left the studio and we raged about the knee-jerk nerfing that Cryptic is apparently prone to. On top of that we learned that player tricked support into duping items and that the hunt exploit was still very much active. And when the Winter Festival arrived, a change to the fishing mechanic caused tons of friction as well.

So it was probably for the best that everyone could chill a little bit over the holidays. Cryptic additionally evoked the holiday spirit with raising money for Extra Life and Santa Garl was kind enough to raffle away some major prices! That wrapped up the year for Unblogged and Neverwinter and we look forward to the adventures and challenges of 2019!

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