Neverwinter Year in Review: April, May and June

To start off 2018 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments, and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with April, May and June today. Other quarters: January, February and MarchJuly, August and September – October, November and December.


April was all about the Devoted Cleric changes and getting to know the Shroud of Souls release on PC as well as priming the console folks for their Cloaked Ascendancy launch. With the latest content update being live on all platforms, it was also time to reflect on the Storm Kings Thunder module.

It was generally a very positive month with signs of good things to come, our DAW2017 contribution and Neverwinter hitting 15 million players.


The harmony abruptly ended in May, when the #Fredricksonbangate shook the game. PWE banned tons of innocent players and never owned up to their mistake. Instead, they publicly released players “on probation” while silently sending out 14-day VIP compensations behind the scenes. We’re not sure who came up with that brilliant idea in management, but it was a true dick move.

If that wasn’t already enough, we reported three possible exploits related to FBI, client data and mSP. Oh, and the pay-to-loot debate hit the mainstream… All of that didn’t prevent us to release quality guides and proposals for the game though.


Things didn’t exactly cool off in June initially as an incident between the mods and the playerbase got quite some attention on the subreddit. After such tumultuous weeks we really needed a break at the end of June. Before closing down the site for a week though, everyone celebrated the Jubilee and console players could additionally enjoy the Shroud of Souls update.

And of course the Stream of Annihilation led us to the big announcement of Tomb of Annihilation as Neverwinter’s next module. We immediately began briefing players on the upcoming updates and changes. But that was not the only thing Cryptic and Wizards of the Coast were working on. Both companies extended their partnership with an upcoming MMO based on the Magic the Gathering universe.

This is our look back at April, May and June of 2017! Did we miss anything? Share your memories and additions in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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