Neverwinter Year in Review: July, August and September

To start off 2018 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments, and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with July, August and September today. Other quarters: January, February and MarchApril, May and June – October, November and December.


Nearly the full month on our site was dedicated to previewing “Tomb of Annihilation”. We went over gear, debuff changes, Hunting and PVP. Overall we concluded that Neverwinter’s Module 12 is a solid one. However, there was also still the Summer Festival going on with its new mount additions. Last but not least, j0Shi brought up the idea of skipping introductory quests with alternate characters.


After the launch of “Tomb of Annihilation”, it quickly became apparent that players could progress faster than intended in the new campaign thanks to a bug of the Chultan Hunter companion. But that was not the only issue of the mod. The Split-Ti hunt was bugged (Miasmat to the rescue) and overall players complained about the grindy nature of the hunting feature. The devs promised improvements and indeed implemented some minor fixes. Players additionally raised concerns about the annoying nature of mobs in Soshenstar River and later in the month we would find out that you could unintentionally stack the Charm of the Serpent artifact.

August also was a rough time for the community team and guilds. We learned about some drama with long-standing PC guild Midnight Express and Xbox guild Ladies of Neverwinter. Additionally we had to say farewell to community manager Andy “StrumSlinger” and Julia needed to apologize for a joke that fell flat. Despite the mentioned issues the devs made a concerted effort to answer the community. Thomas Foss appeared on Dragon Talk, the systems design team joined a Q&A stream and AMA on the Subreddit, and before leaving Andy answered questions of streamers on Twitch.

On the site we talked about Gauntlgrym, the importance of Armor Penetration, and why you should play a support class.


The struggles of guilds carried over into September as LGPG got sold on Xbox. But there were some encouraging news as well. The Legendary Outlaws reached a perfect alliance level and Arcgames picked up guild features on their website again. The official forum also finally introduced a dev tracker.

The hottest gameplay topic of the month certainly was the Devoted Cleric. Asterdahl revealed that “the days are numbered on 2 cleric groups” and we immediately threw in our own suggestions.

While PC was already slowly preparing for the Swords of Chult update in October, consoles got primed for their Tomb of Annihilation launch. With Module 12 being live on all platforms, it was time to look back at the Cloaked Ascendancy and we also did rank all modules in one toplist!

This is our look back at July, August and September of 2017! Did we miss anything? Share your memories and additions in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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