Neverwinter’s Year in Review: July to September

To start off 2019 we’d like to look back at the last year in Neverwinter. What were the highs, the lows, the disappointments, and the laughs? Join us in our journey through the months using our very own postings, continuing with July, August, and September today. Other quarters: January to March, April to June.

July: Month or the TR

July as a month came without a big content update for both PC and console versions. But players still had plenty to do as the annual Summer Festival rolled around. Also going strong were TRs because players slowly realized how crazy good the skill “Shadow of Demise” worked on bosses after a M14 tweak. Combine it with a major bug in the Tarokka Deck Artifact and killing bosses had never been easier!

Not everything was as smooth as rushing through dungeons though. Developer Miasmat left the studio, Cryptic decided to nerf HEs in the River District to stop seal farming, and it turned out that the Foundry community in Neverwinter is not the only one that suffers. Oh, and we didn’t exactly interpret game assets correctly when predicting Waterdeep as M15 setting. We’re still positive the iconic destination will make it to the game at some point though.

August: Ravenloft on Consoles

In August we were still on the (wrong) Waterdeep track, but were at least certain that the upcoming PAX West would give certainty. As it turned out, the game wasn’t heading to a new city, but would bring Acquisitions Incorporated to the Protector’s Enclave instead. That was still a distant future for console peeps, which were eager to confront Strahd in their Ravenloft update.

We also learned that the seal changes in the River District were not the only nerfs that made the game. These sneaky changes really suck because it creates the impression that the devs want to avoid some backlash.

September: Huntgate

September was meant to be the month of Ravenloft on consoles, but because of a major exploit that the devs left in the game for much too long it became the one of “Huntgate”. We reported a critical exploit at the beginning of September after it had been fixed on PC. It stunningly took the devs almost two weeks to acknowledge that the issue was still live on consoles. On top of that, a major ban wave was announced and later carried out. The community immediately started a heated discussion who’s to blame. Players for exploiting or the devs for not handling the situation properly and letting the bug linger for way too long? Either way, this send shock waves through the player base that we unfortunately still feel today. Even the fact that module 15 would mess with player incomes had to take a back seat.

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