Storm Kings Thunder Explorer’s Charts, Data and a Word of Warning

Since Double Profession will run for the first time since the “Shroud of Souls” update, many players will run the new Explorer’s Charts this weekend. Although the system of the charts does not change, there’s some stuff you might want to know when farming the new locations.


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Let’s look at the maps of the untapped resources first. It might be self-explanatory, but during the first runs on preview it was really helpful to have them open on a second monitor. Otherwise I was just constantly bringing up the mini-map to see where the resources are. The Storm Kings Thunder maps are big and unfortunately these charts are considerably longer to run than the old ones. You are also no longer operating on low level maps, meaning you can get attacked and de-mounted, especially since Everfrost does count as extra hit. In very limited cases mobs can even block the nodes.

Although these are little issues overall it really adds to the length of the grind. Using our farm routes for the old Explorer’s Cases you should be able to run one route in roughly two minutes. With the new ones I was really closer to or even over three minutes.


I really haven’t run enough Charts to be able to comfortably put out percentages. But based on a few runs I’ve made it seems Red Alder Bark in Lonelywood drops considerably less than the other two resources and Native Iron in Cold Run considerably more. The resources in Bryn Shander seem to be evenly distributed. What resources you are going to need really depends on the recipes. So make sure to check out our Cheat Sheet and farm accordingly.


Unfortunately the event might be haunted by a few bugs. Players reported that the Explorer’s Guild bonus might not be working correctly. It’s probably worth checking that you’re indeed getting the correct amount per node. Even worse though is that a variant of the Masterwork node exploit might be back. A user reported this on the forum and the post got removed from view.

[su_quote]It is people (or rather organized groups) who hang out near the spawn sites for the various masterwork professions resources, waiting for some poor sucker to take the cheap/undesired resource so they can pounce on the desired one. The simple fix to this disastrous abuse of the system is to make the resources truly, individually random. The programmers need merely assign a random chance for each resource (immutable after the player has looked at it) and this solves once and forever the annoying issue.[/su_quote]

This is an old issue and was fixed, but there have been rumors before this post that it might be back. Basically whenever a player takes the loot from a node, it resets globally. So if players find the contents not appealing, they will wait until somebody else takes the undesired resources and they get another chance at more valuable stuff. If that proves true, farming nodes could become a real pain.

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