New Fashion for Halloween and Event Irritations on Preview

Yesterday the preview was updated with its weekly build for the upcoming “Swords of Chult” update and with only ten days left, we’re getting pretty close to the release candidate. Naturally there weren’t too many changes except a new fashion set for the Masquerade of Liars Halloween event.

Especially the mask could be interesting to some folks, you can already see a bunch or Rogues running around with it. We’re not sure how to obtain it at this point, but it’s probably just going to get added to the event store.

Events From Thu to Sun or Sun to Thu?

A strange thing in the meantime has happened with the event calendar. It now shows the usual “weekend” events running from Sunday to Thursday. Their dates however still match the current timeframe from Thursday to Sunday. In the example below the 2x Glory is clearly placed from Sunday to Thursday, but Nov 9 is a Thursday and Nov 13 a Sunday. It’s probably just a visual bug, we don’t expect the event structure to change.

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One thought on “New Fashion for Halloween and Event Irritations on Preview

  • October 15, 2017 at 4:03 am

    Erm… It says November 1st is Sunday, which it isn’t… Probably just a wonky calendar :3

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