New Life Lockbox Preview

As we’ve already reported earlier this week, the latest patch added the New Life lockbox to the game. It is build around four augment baby companions with very strong active bonuses and generally could herald a new tier of lockboxes as all type of rewards have received a significant upgrade.

It’s certainly interesting that after Demon Slayer and Demons of Underdark New Life is already the third unreleased lockbox since the Underdark release. The items of New Life however partly overlap with the other lockboxes. The Horn of Valhalla appears in Demon Slayer, the Strongbox is from Demons of Underdark, the Artifact Pack from Demon Slayer is labeled “OLD” in its tooltip and its enhanced version is included in New Life and both Demons of Underdark and New Life feature a Pack that delivers the Dusk boots. So there seems to have been a change of plans and PWE actually send out emails yesterday informing users that this lockbox will be released next week.

Until then, here’s the sneak peak to the new items:

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