October Bugfix Month 10-Day Roundup

Approximately one third of the October Bugfix Month is in the books! So it’s time present our first roundup by courtesy of Darthzarr and our Dev Tracker. We’re listing and categorizing all fixes so you guys have it easier to go through the ones that matter to you the most. Please note that most of the stuff won’t hit live until Module 13, as stated in the FAQs.

Class Related

  • Many CC immunities such as Villain’s Menace are now making the player immune to CC powers in pvp

Control Wizard

  • Icy Terrain now deals damage to frozen enemies
  • Storm Spell deals proper damage on later ticks for some powers
  • Teleport
    • Teleport should no longer hold the CW in place, and cause rubberbanding
    • Teleport should no longer require a too high stamina threshold
  • Offhand bonuses for Arcane Power Field and Evocation now work
  • Combustive Action no longer debuffs the caster when using specific powers
  • Smolder / Rimefire Smolder should now correctly benefit from Chilling Presence’s damage bonus
  • Sudden Storm’s Arc effect will now properly scale with the Player’s stats
  • Imprisonment should now correctly grant 1 stack of Spell Twisting

Devoted Cleric

  • Prophecy of Doom cooldown now properly resets if the target dies
  • Daunting Light is now able to hit Compy dinosaurs on all terrain
  • Hastening Light stops proccing when not equipped
  • Devoted Cleric’s off-hand Artifact Power Terrifying Insight no longer double stacks

Great Weapon Fighter

  • Come and Get it now procs with most powers
  • Slam  can now critically strike enemies
  • Punishing Charge’s charges are now properly displayed on the tooltip
  • Mighty Blade has been slightly altered to be more clear / consistent
    • Mighty Blade now increases your damage when striking more than 1 target
    • Mighty Blade’s scaling is now 2/4/6/8/10% increased damage
  • Daring Shout and Threatening Rush should no longer mention Mark-removal

Guardian Fighter

  • Jagged Blades now procs correctly on any power that targets and damages a foe

Hunter Ranger

  • Aspect of the Pack off-hand bonus now works at rank 4
  • Cordon of Arrows now crits from long distances
  • Ambush now deals the correct amount of damage when used with Bear Trap
  • Warden’s Courage: Now correctly lowers the Damage Resistance Debuff penalty applied to yourself
  • HR’s careful attack now procs weapon enchantments at all

Oathbound Paladin

  • Paladins now play the correct animation while blocking
  • Bane now counts as using an encounter power for feats and effects when Devotion path uses it on allies

Scourge Warlock

  • Brood of Hadar now procs Creeping Death
  • Flames of Empowerment offhand bonus should work now
  • Pillar of Power can now critically strike
  • Murderous Flame is no longer double mitigated by level 73 monsters
  • Vampiric Embrace now gives temp HP on curse consume

Trickster Rogue

  • Smoke Bomb and Path of the Blade now proc weapon enchants
  • Smoke bomb ability coefficient shouldn’t fluctuate any longer
  • Tenacious Concealment has had some changes made to it. This is to ensure that it gets a consistent boost at each rank-up and to fix some bugs with the power itself.
    • Tenacious Concealment: Now grants 20% Stealth Loss reduction at each rank (Including rank 1)
    • Tenacious Concealment: Now grants 5% Stealth Regeneration at each rank (Including rank 1)
    • Tenacious Concealment: No longer grants Stealth Regeneration while taking damage
    • Tenacious Concealment: Rank 4 should now properly function with the Artifact Off-hand bonus
    • Tenacious Concealment: Rank 4 should no longer cause the Stealth Loss Reduction to be worse than Rank 3
    • Tenacious Concealment’s Artifact Off-hand bonus increased to 20% Stealth Loss Reduction

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  • Displace Fate Boon no longer displays the bloodtheft enchantment visuals
  • Many Chult campaign boons now give item level
  • The Mercenary Outpost should now give critical severity
  • Tyranny of Dragon’s boon Dragon’s Thirst tooltip now correctly states 4/5/6%

Dungeons and Environment

  • The invisible wall before the Hati fight is not removed when Hati is killed
  • The door inside MSVA can now be entered with fewer than 10 people
  • All campfires in dungeons should now allow swapping loadouts

Companions and Mounts

  • Legendary companion bonus shouldn’t fluctuate any longer
  • Shadow Demon should no longer kill people instantly in open world pvp
  • The Zhentarim Warlock power tooltips have been reworked to better match their effects
  • Al mounts can now properly cancel their spacebar animation and no longer get stuck in terrain

Items and Rewards

  • Tome of Ascendance now correctly applies a debuff for Illusion
  • Primal Ring 1% bonus is now stacking if you have two of them equipped
  • The single target effect of the Lightning Enchantment now takes the player’s crit chance into account
  • Bronzewood enchant should no longer stack in certain scenarios
  • Tome of Ascendance
    • Firesoul (artifact) is granting an 1.1% buff per enemy instead of a 11% damage buff per enemy
    • Firesoul (artifact) the defense portion of this effect now works properly
    • Illusion (artifact) is reducing damage resistance instead of increasing it
  • Feytouched
    • Feytouched enchantment is now granting its damage buff to the user on ranks that deal an area of effect burst
    • Feytouched enchantment no longer has its cooldown extended when used by Icy Terrain and Pillar of Power, even if it was already on cooldown
    • Feytouched enchantment now procs weapon damage hits on daily powers


  • Frozen Treasures campaign task in Icewind Dale should stop prompting the Kessel’s Retreat Key function instead

That’s 52 total bugfixes, or 5.2 per day. Even if your fix hasn’t made the list yet, it’s hard to complain about the pace. At this rate we we’ll definitely get over 100 fixes in, which would be awesome. So kudos to the devs, which seem to have as much fun with the event as the players!

What’s your favorite fix so far? Which crucial ones are still missing? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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    You forgot Feytouched fixes? Some powers extending the cooldown was fixed right?

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      October 11, 2017 at 9:37 am

      Was that by chance mentioned anywhere else, not in the October Bugfix thread?

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    Yup… I’ll get it to you on Discord.

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