Official Neverwinter Subreddit Launching FAQ Project

As frequent reader of our site you probably already know from our Community Watch that the official PWE subreddit has launched a FAQ project. Each subreddit comes with its own wiki and the guys over there decided to use it to answer the most basic questions that pop up regularly.

The project has potential

It’s a solid project and worth supporting. So if you feel you can contribute in a meaningful way, contact the mods and you might get in. Not everyone will be approved however. It looks like you need some sort of positive reputation on the subreddit. With Uncensored regulars JayAgeDee and Beckylunatic participating, the team already looks decent and motivated. So this might actually go somewhere and it would be nice to have extensive FAQs up. The official wiki is not up to date in many areas and more of a database anyway. And admittedly our Chettlebell has explained less than we wanted to as well.

As site we can’t do a ton to help here unfortunately. As you might know the subreddit banned us because they value a strict application of the official PWE terms of service more than useful information. This shouldn’t however lead to another rage against the them. In fact we want to invite anyone to use the information on NWO:Unblogged and our Toolbase to bolster the FAQ where possible. You obviously can’t link, but feel free to quote, copy and paste anything.

We wish everyone tons of fun and good luck with the project!

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