Paladin Exploit Crashes Instances And Might Have Enabled Duping

The Oathbound Paladin might be slowly becoming the most poisonous addition to the game in terms of balance and exploiting. As we’ve already reported earlier today, the latest patch breaks with some infinite proc chains of the class. Such erroneous chains have been a problem since the start, especially in combination with the healing abilities and the Burning Guidance boon. Very early versions of the Paladin could trigger a proc-storm all by itself and they never entirely fixed the ability of two Paladins procing stuff off each other.

Not only was the class a surefire way to cause lag for everyone, but compiling multiple reports, the oldest about six months ago, it was possible to rip complete instances and rollback characters. The approach has changed through multiple minor fixes over time. Lately players have apparently been using a combination of the Devotion Tree, Sacred Weapon and Bond of Virtue Encounter, the Prism Feat, the Burning Guidance boon and the tab ability Divine Call to trigger a chain reaction of heals that produces so many procs it crashes instances and disconnects all players in it. This was an issue for PVP for example and we are fairly sure some sporadic reports on the forum that talked about Paladins purposely crashing instances on an imminent loss can now be considered valid, although Mods and much of the community opposed such theory.

While this is merely annoying, the bug becomes a real problem considering that not only all players are disconnected, but rolled back to the state they were in before the instance was created. Collecting evidence and knowledge around the playerbase the assumption is that instances are effectively mini-servers that don’t exchange data with the main server until a player leaves the instance again. So crashing an instance and preventing said exchange seems to roll back a character, because the instance progress has not yet been saved. Albeit not fully tested to not put any accounts in danger after this report we are certain that duping was possible by entering an instance, either posting an auction or mailing through the VIP signpost, then rolling back the character. The item would then be in your inventory as well as on the Auction House or on another account. We know the Auction House is a different server and since other exploits have been using it as drop location, it’s the more probable scenario.

There is a bit theorycrafting involved in this report, but the comments we got range from fairly certain to most probable and the rollback of characters is indeed confirmed. Hopefully the devs took care of the problem in today’s patch and looking at the skills they fixed, it can safely be assumed that it’s at least partially related to this exploit.



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One thought on “Paladin Exploit Crashes Instances And Might Have Enabled Duping

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    December 6, 2018 at 4:19 pm

    I have noticed in the last few years that whenever I leave a map early on my solo quests, it warns me that I will lose all progress. So that sounds consistent, but I am not sure how that fits in with Bots farming nodes in Arcane Reservoir etc by getting to the boss room, leaving and entering again. Rolling back the character to the pre-entry state might help stop bots, if you lose everything you picked up. Shame it could hurt legit players.



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