Paranoid Delusion Companion Causing Issues In Multiple Ways

Adding a companion that can mimic its owner in the Paranoid Delusion is a cool feature, but a flawed implementation of a new item once again causes major issues in at least two ways.

Only hours after the release players started to point out a severe design error that causes to heavily overproc Bonding Runestones on the new companion. The culprit seems to be the Mimic ability of the Paranoid Delusion that procs whenever you summon the companion or change an instance. This leads to up to fifteen confirmed stacks of Bondings when rapidly resummoning the companion to start a fight.

The issue has been reported on the official board, but was understandably trashed due to the hint at an exploit. As always feel free to discuss the matter on our board instead.

The second bug reminds oneself of the issue Draco had with the Sunburst power of the Devoted Cleric at some point. For a short time you were able to perma-daze the Dracolich in the old Castle Never by simply casting Sunburst. It seems like the CC effect of the spell pierced the immunity of the boss and once applied, the dragon had no chance to recover from it since it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

As the video shows the same can currently happen to Stronghold dragons. We do not have all details on the matter, but some rumors and comments we received hint at the Paranoid Delusion as cause for this as well.

We currently wait for confirmation whether the bugs have been dealt with with today’s patch and will update this post accordingly.



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