Patch Note Parser: NW.105.20181121b.1 – Bugfixing PVP

Neverwinter Uncensored’s patch note parser runs through any bigger patch notes and offers additional context to the changes that were made to the game. Today we are taking a closer look into version NW.105.20181121b.1, in which the devs continue to battle the various Heart of Fire issues and finally show some love for PVP as well.

Still Fixing the Progression

[su_quote]Running a Workshop: An issue has been resolved. This quest could not be completed under certain circumstances, due to the step “Take Your Item from the Delivery Box” not advancing.[/su_quote]

It looks like we’re slowly getting to a state where everybody can properly advance through the full intro of the Workshop system. The fact that this comes a full month into the module kinda shows how bugged the release initially was. It’s not like we never had issues before, but this amount of hiccups in mandatory quest lines is unheard-of. Does this mean there are players that weren’t able to use the Workshop system on some characters until today?

[su_quote]Alchemy: Flask of Potency, Major Flask of Potency, and Superior Flask of Potency are once again properly available to craft.[/su_quote]

The plethora of adjustments to related system are also indicative of the initial state of the release. The devs had to bring many things in line after launch, suggesting that they simply weren’t able to fully finish the product for Nov 6th. Players will now find many missing recipes in their Workshops, the note above is only one of multiple examples.

The devs additionally changed a couple older Profession Crates to no longer hand out outdated resources.

[su_quote]The Traveller’s Treasure insignia bonus now properly gives rewards.[/su_quote]

Let’s get to new features that weren’t working at all. We’ve already talked about the “Undead Intern” Companion that for two weeks wasn’t giving extra Acorns. This has since been fixed. Also not working was the new “Traveller’s Treasure Insignia Bonus”. It’s supposed to proc off mob kills and generate a few Rough Astral Diamonds. Only that it wasn’t.

[su_quote]Chult Patronage Token: The task to create this token now properly completes.[/su_quote]

The second bug in that regard was the inability to craft the new “Chult Patronage Token”. Players simply weren’t able to complete the task for the token even if they had all the necessary resources.

This completes the list of notable Heart of Fire related fixes. There’s some stuff left and although it’s annoying that we still don’t have a fully functional module one month into the release, it’s nice to see that the devs apparently made bugfixing the priority for now. That hasn’t always been the case. So it’s worth pointing out.

Some Love for PVP?

[su_quote]The damage dealt by the new Waukeen and Tymora’s artifacts is now more in line with other similar artifacts.[/su_quote]

Last but not least, we have a small yet impactful list of changes for PVP. First of all, the devs took care of the bugged M15 Artifacts. But they also tweaked some of the older items like “Mane of the Manticore” or “Cowl of the Dead” that were mandatory due to their strong damage or control effects. Players will now have to replace the items, but it’s probably better for the overall state of the game mode.

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3 thoughts on “Patch Note Parser: NW.105.20181121b.1 – Bugfixing PVP

  • December 6, 2018 at 8:37 am

    Anybody know if the K-team challenge rewards are working properly? I heard someone complaining they didn’t get any extra rewards.

    Also, there seems to be something funky going on with the focus and proficiency percentages in the workshop. +1 items being made with 0% focus, failures with 100% proficiency and such. I wonder if they’re looking into that.

    • December 6, 2018 at 3:46 pm

      i got my kteam challenge iou this week. obviously need 3 more before i can buy my new hat. So I can’t confirm anything about the shop working, but the quest reward worked

  • December 6, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Well one does hope that with all the fixes being worked on for the pc version that the Xbox/PS version, when it drops, will be slightly more perfect, or will we have to suffer this poor quality mod for months too?

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