Patch NW.55.20151123A.3 Fixes Exploits, Adds Winter Festival And A Paywall

The devs updated the preview shard with the latest patch last night that is going live today and since it’s a major one in many areas, here’s what you need to know beyond the patch notes:

  • The Oathbound Paladin for the second time in a row is being targeted to break some infinite chain reactions that had devastating side effects. After Prism was changed to no longer trigger from Bond of Virtue, the devs followed up with the same change for Sacred Weapon, an ICD on Burning Guidance as well as a target cap for Prism and Shield of Faith. This should not only cure some lag caused by Paladin spells, but also fix a major duping exploit related to the chain reactions, which we will detail later today.

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  • The devs react to the heavy complains about the exclusiveness of the new Masterwork recipes by making Explorer’s Charts more available. To not make the boon structure Explorer’s Guild obsolete, which surely quite a few guilds have been investing in, it now doubles the resources gained from the Charts.
  • One of the major problems in the Module 8 Mode grind was that drop rates from minor encounters in the Elemental Evil areas are so low that  running them is nonviable. So the new Artifact Weapons are essentially gated by completing one epic encounter a hundred times. The devs promised to look into this design fail and will raise the overall drop rates today. This change however is complemented by raising the cooldown for the epic encounters that have a 100% Mote drop chance from 10 minutes to 25 and introducing a Trade Bar item to enhance the drop rates for a limited time. It can be assumed that gaining Motes with the same speed post patch will now require buying into the new Dowsing Rods. That’s called a paywall and fits the monetization strategy of this game.
  • The patch contains changes to the popular Winter Festival and we’ll have a separate post up today or tomorrow previewing the event. Stay tuned!


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