Patch NW.85.20170808a.14 Fixes Devoted Cleric Powers and Demo Mode

It’s patch day in the Neverwinterverse! After some troubling news for Devoted Clerics last week, there’s actually good stuff to report today. Several empowered bonuses should be working correctly again. This includes “Forgemaster’s Flame” and “Break the Spirit”, essential ingredients for your highly efficient full buff runs. So those should be in full swing once again, melting Orcus, Nostura and Ra Nsi in no time.

Demo Tool Working Again

A comparably minor tweak comes to the demo mode, which was rendered useless due to an annoying crash. As fans of the work of JayAgeDee and others we think it’s great that the devs looked into it and brought back the demo tool pretty fast. There are more fixes and changes coming. So make sure to read through the full patch notes.

Beholder Bug and Stat Discrepancys

Two more interesting dev posts are worth mentioning here as well. With the start of the Day of the Dungeon Master event on PCs, Community Manager Julia said that they are working hard on a fix for the Beholder bug that sometimes prevents players to interact with it after a run. Additionally the devs are looking into the stat discrepancy on the primal armor sets.

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