Personnel Changes at Cryptic Continue With New Lead Designer

After the departure of Amenar earlier this month, there seems to be another personnel change at Cryptic. As Becky reported on our message board, Community Manager Strumslinger recently hinted at a future stream with Neverwinter Lead Designer Thomas Foss. Some players speculate it could be MimicKing that was mentioned by Amenar in his farewell post. According to some google results Foss is with the studio for several years and worked on Neverwinter since 2013.

Scott ShicoffNonetheless it suggests that Scott Shicoff is off elsewhere. Among other things Scott had designed the Sword Coast Adventures for the gateway before he took over Design Lead in May 2015 after a massive round of layoffs. His first task was to right the ship after a horrendous Elemental Evil module.

Shicoff’s pages and social profiles haven’t announced a change yet. For now this is just an educated guess.


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