Play or Avoid Neverwinter? Youtuber GRM Adrian Reviews the Game!

Normally Youtube videos like the one we are featuring in this article are a case for our Community Watch. The reason we are giving this one a more prominent spot is because we think its evaluation of the game is extremely accurate and deserves a shout-out. Youtuber GRM Adrian reviewed Neverwinter from a new player’s perspective. Over the period of a month, he went from 1-70 and listed things he liked and disliked. As said, we feel like it’s pretty accurate and as new player you definitely want to watch the video to get a decent idea how the game looks and feels for all the fresh characters.

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In case you don’t want to go through the full 25 minutes, here’s the pro and cons from the video:


  • No content pay wall, entire game is free to play
  • Simple, fast and fluid combat
  • Robust character progression with multiple ways to build a spec
  • Campaigns introduce new explorable areas, stories and dungeons of the better quality than vanilla
  • Foundry lets players get creative with their own quests and stories for incentive
  • Dungeons and skirms are fun; takes no time to get a group
  • Decent community and solo friendly if that’s your thing
  • New campaign stories are more satisfying than vanilla


  • Microtransactions heavy, lootboxes everywhere
  • Crafting system make you feel like a passenger
  • Quality of PVE quests leaves much to be desired
  • Campaigns often feel like daily chores and you’ll never run out of dailies at cap
  • Players who spend money have advantages in PVP
  • Currently, Foundry is broken and hardly available
  • New player experience in random queues can be frustrating
  • Vanilla’s main story does little to keep you invested

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2 thoughts on “Play or Avoid Neverwinter? Youtuber GRM Adrian Reviews the Game!

  • February 5, 2018 at 1:16 am

    More cons.. you cant even communicate as a low level player anymore. Yes this has cut down on spam.. but if you’re new to the game and don’t have an in built set of friends this makes the whole place a very lonely and hostile place. The only social interaction you can have is from PUG groups, and we all know how friendly those are.

    “Currently, Foundry is broken and hardly available”
    Please.. that thing is available so rarely it can hardly be considered a part of the game anymore. Its a mythical thing that pops up every once in a while when someone on a channel notices its operating. Then those who are already familiar go in and see what is broken on their favorite story while the newbies look around in wonder. ..or they pop in too just long enough to think its a neat idea before the foundry gets shut down or inexplicably isnt available once more.

    “Players who spend money have advantages in PVP” Pretty sure they have loot drop advantages in PVE as well.

    “New campaign stories are more satisfying than vanilla”
    Not really. They got a name brand author to sit still for some photo-ops likely because TSR cornered him on a branding deal. The stories themselves are simple, 1 dimensioned, and usually told to you as though you were reading them and have no influence over them. ..thats not very immersive.

    “Robust character progression with multiple ways to build a spec”
    Kind of.. They are available. But there are only 1 or 2 valid builds per class. ..and if you vary from that even slightly you will get no end of harassment and/or not be included in any groups.

    Ill add to the Con pile as well that for end of game players there is 1 area of importance, and only 1. Its Tong all the time with no exception. The economy, gear, builds, and enchanting capabilities all revolve around finishing Tong. At the same time once you get to a point that you can enter that dungeon without being absolutely slaughtered you have grown to a point that all other content has no meaning or adventure. They have neutered 98% of their content for those who can play the top end stuff.

    • February 5, 2018 at 6:53 am

      Thanks for your extensive write-up and opinion!

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