Why You Should Play a Support Class

Lately I noticed a few comments and threads on the official sites and forums talking about a drought hitting our support class players. Although it’s kinda hard to tell if that’s actually true, let me explain to you why now is the best time EVER to play a support class like GF, OP or DC.

Sound Mechanics

The mechanics from the support classes in Neverwinter are probably the best in the MMO-sphere I’ve experienced so far. The Divine Cleric for example first needs to build up Divinity and then change to a second set of encounter powers, which then build up stacks to buff the first set of encounters again. It is really fun to play, and that’s a common theme in terms of support classes.

You Feel the Progress

I’ll admit starting as a support class can sometimes feel like a real pain. To finish your dailies you need a certain amount of damage that we lack at the very start. But unlike DPS classes, which only have numbers as measuring stick, you definitely feel the progress later on. Mostly because you or your group suddenly survives a lot easier or runs become smoother.

You Always Stay Relevant

I used to play a TR since the open beta. And let me say this: It is hard to stay relevant as a DPS class. The sole purpose within a group is to deal damage, and players always want the highest damage possible. It doesn’t help that the current meta consists of four support classes and only one DPS.

Which means that you are always pressured to get the newest and best DPS toys in the game. Any rebalancing of your class, another DPS class or even general mechanics could mean you end up in a spot where your class won’t be picked as much. That can’t happen with any of the support classes. Your role and your personal skill will let you stay relevant even before we take equipment into account. True, also support classes have to constantly rethink their builds. Sometimes certain paths of the class become less valid as others, but in the end we’re only talking about a respec token vs. the need of potentially bringing up a complete new class to satisfy the DPS needs of the endgame.

You Can Play God

The group is rushing like hell and constantly nagging? Let them rush into a monster group while you as tank stay behind and watch them die within seconds. Your DPS is still behaving like an asshole? Use your control abilities to kick monsters outside their reach! Don’t be malicious, but what I’m trying to say is that you can indeed make them aware that the group isn’t able to finish dungeons because of them. You are important, isn’t that a nice thing?

I mean what should they do? Kick the healer and tank and wait 30-40 minutes for a replacement?

Why Is it Particularly Good to Start as Supporter Now?

Well it’s as simple as you might think: loadouts. At the beginning I said we lack DPS, but with loadouts this effect is mitigated. You can now have a build for your dailies and one for group content, which makes your life in Neverwinter really easy. So with that one big drawback gone, what’s keeping you from playing a support class?

Do you share my opinion about support classes or are you more into big orange numbers? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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  • August 8, 2017 at 9:46 am

    Yep loadouts were a good addition to the game for all but it was really really necessary for support classes who makes their dailies solo.

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