Player Banned Over Ridiculous Fair Use Policy

*** UPDATE: bearchaser4 doesn’t seem to be the only one recently hit. More info here: ***

Sometimes you just can’t believe your eyes and the case of bearchaser4 is one of those occasions. The member of the German Neverwinter community publicly admitted to farm Leadership on 49 characters and initiated a controversial discussion around the topic only to find himself banned a few days later for what was called “farming/botting”.

Astonished about the development Bear contacted the the German Community Manager to seek further explanation and got this: (uncensored google cache)

[su_quote cite=”bearchaser4″ url=”!?p=871542&viewfull=1#post871542″]Well I did write Norman/Anachronex (Community Manager) via Skype. My account was originally banned due to botting suspicions. After consulting the English support Normal said the excessive AD farming would violate the “fair use policy” and the account will remain locked for now. I still hope to get it back at some point.[/su_quote]

Bear Saying Goodbye
Bear Saying Goodbye

Unfortunately, bearchaser4 has since been banned from the forum as well and it’s not looking like he’ll be playing Neverwinter again. He didn’t leave without posting a very touching goodbye to the German community. Most of the post is very personal and we refrain from translating it completely. Although you get the sense that the dude might have some issues (he played up to 14 hours per day and described Neverwinter as ‘all he has and more than a game’), it’s safe to say we lost one of the more dedicated players in bearchaser4.

This is just another chapter of PWE randomly banning players because of ridiculous rules or rule interpretations. German Community Manager Fero confirmed the existence of such a Fair Use Policy. Of course they didn’t gave specifics, but apparently doing Leadership on 50 characters and transferring ADs to another account is too much. What’s next? Banned for farming dungeons excessively? At least the German moderation let the discussion go on for a certain time while bearchaser4 got modded down in our realms as quick as you would expect (1) (2).

Thanks to MinMax Fortytwo for reporting this! Farewell bearchaser4, you deserve better!


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3 thoughts on “Player Banned Over Ridiculous Fair Use Policy

  • August 13, 2015 at 4:42 am

    I myself have been falsely banned for short periods of time or put on probation. Last probation, I sent a 3 page defense of myself to Cryptic’ tech support and tech support responded saying I was a great player and they’ll notate that on my account but they literally cannot alter probations or banned their system makes. What followed the weeks after was massive amounts of innocent people being punished by Neverwinter

  • August 20, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Absurd. Just absurd.

  • December 12, 2017 at 7:21 am

    Was that the autistic kid who had 50 characters called Character01, Character02 etc and made a YT vid of himself doing Leadership in-game at the same time as invoking via his mobile ‘phone on the Gateway? Just so he could do it faster than normal and then get on with playing? He was not Botting at all, he was doing it manually.

    And there can be no rule against “farming” in Neverwinter, as the official forum talks about it all the time. They even made these rubbish Random Queues to make farming AD easier. I think the Germans mistranslated the ToS and then invented their own bullshit rules on top. So, killing Dragons for Sigils when it’s not part of the given Common Cause daily quest is also “farming” currencies and bannable?

    Only in Germany.

    I know a few people who were “perma”-banned for making too many AD. They got their account back by demonstrating that the reason their main character “suddenly” had 45 million AD from “out of nowhere” was because the other 20 characters on that account had transferred 2 million AD each to their Main via the ZAX. Apparently, Craptrick’s algorithms are not good enough to look for that.

    But they REALLY don’t like people transferring AD between accounts. A Portable Altar being sold for 40 million is bound to raise a few eyebrows. And having multiple accounts, beyond two, is not allowed at all, and using botting programs to automate Leadership and Invoking deserves a ban.

    And yet I have seen people claim that they have 4 or 5 VIP accounts, so they get 4 or 5 keys per day.

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