PSA: Profession Tasks Reduce Portobello Accreditation Cap

Since quite some time there’s an annoying bug going around that causes players to experience lower Accreditation caps in the “Day of the Dungeon Master” event. Normally the cap should start at 100 and increase by 100 with every week. Players however have reported that they are getting capped earlier, by a decent amount in some cases.

Avoid Profession Tasks

Community Manager Julia now posted a lengthy explanation to the Arcgames forum what is causing the bug and how to avoid it. Apparently Accreditation earned through the Heroic Feats of Heroism profession tasks is counted twice. Once by viewing the task in the profession window, and another time when actually completing it. So what players should do is avoid those profession tasks completely. It’s really basilisk-y. Every time you look your Accreditation cap dies a little more.

All kidding aside however, just don’t click on profession tasks that are listed in the Heroic Feats of Heroism. If you did though, don’t worry. The cap resets every week and doesn’t just get 100 added to it. So you should still be able to finish the event unless you reduce the cap in the very last week. According to Julia there’s a decent chance they’ve rolled out a fix by then as well.

Other Tasks Affected?

Players on the forum were quick to point out that they’ve seen their cap reduced although they had never touched professions. This begs the question whether the effect might extent to other areas. For now it might be best to avoid the Heroic Feats of Heroism tasks altogether until this is sorted out. You can run the event queues to comfortably get the Accreditation you need.

Have you experienced a cap reduction on one of your toons? If so, what’s your opinion on the cause? Share your thoughts in the comments below and visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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