What’s the Purpose of Legendary Profession Tools?

Today I’d like to talk about a weird gameplay mechanic, feature, whatever you wanna call it. One year ago, the Firemane Lockbox introduced an item class that since then is stuck in a really confusing state. It exists, but not quite and can be overpowered except it almost doesn’t matter. What I’m talking about are legendary profession tools.

A tool that almost never drops

First of all, let’s get the specifics right. Legendary profession tools drop from the Artisan’s Professions Pack and Quartermaster’s Profession Pack at an absurdly low rate. It’s way lower than other legendary prices from lockboxes, which normally drop at a rate of 1:2000. Users even suggested 1:20000 for the tools, because they hardly appear at all. The profession packs still are one of the more valuable drops, because the potential reward can be huge. A legendary tool adds 50% success chance for a task, so with three legendary tools of the right variety and a Forgehammer, you could actually get to 100% (95% if you can’t slot a legendary tool in the first slot, like Masterwork).

A tool that does not exist

On top of the drop rate, legendary tools do not seem to exist for all types. In over a year, only the three tools from the Alchemy profession would drop on PC. It would make sense if the devs wanted to spread the tools across different lockboxes, like Insignias. There however hasn’t been any progress so far. The Adamantine Crucible of course can be used for Jewelcrafting and Artificing tasks as well, but that’s it. So while the theory of legendary tools would allow 100% tasks, they actually don’t, at least not for all professions. Then on consoles out of a sudden a legendary Adamantine Hammer dropped, leaving behind tons of jealous PC players.

A tool that doesn’t make sense?

Let’s try to make some sense out of the situation. If you erase the Adamantine Mortar and Adamantine Philosopher’s Stone, everything could make sense, sort of. Because the Crucible and Hammer actually cover different professions. What’s missing is an Awl to complete the set. So I personally think they somehow messed up the original drop table and included the Mortar and Philosopher’s Stone accidentally instead of Hammer and possibly something else. Now why the Hammer only popped up on console, I don’t know. Could be that the fix never made PC or that the devs thought the economy would be better off without them. In the end such a legendary tool can bump your profit margin in Masterworks by a few 100k per recipe. That’s kinda big.

A tool that’s too overpowered?

In well organized guilds and alliances, the legendary tools should erase any RNG from professions for everyone. Additionally those with the tools can easily dominate the market and push any players without them out. They can sell the items under the competitor’s production costs and still make decent profit. Maybe that was a bit too overpowered after all and why the drop rate is so low and not all tools were eventually introduced.

No matter what the real story behind legendary tools is, their current state is weird. They pretty much only exist for Alchemy and might even have different loot tables for PC and consoles. This makes it look like an unfinished, not well-thought-out or even abandoned feature. Or is the drop rate just so low that we simply haven’t gotten to all tools yet?

What’s your take on legendary profession tools? Do you own them, have you seen others than those mentioned here? Share your thoughts and experience in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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  • June 7, 2017 at 7:46 pm

    a guildmate got an Adamantine Needle for Tailoring, they exist now too, haven’t seen it before two weeks ago

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