PWE Can’t Avoid Making the Same Mistakes; Shuts Door on Winter Charge Rewards Key Glitch

It’s that time of the year again! We come together, remember what we’re thankful for, and also have to mess around with the official customer support because the devs apparently like to repeat their own mistakes! Players that eagerly rushed to charge ZEN and get their hands on the new Winter Charge Rewards soon realized that the promised items weren’t delivered. The devs have since fixed the issue and you should receive all stuff after charging ZEN now. Unfortunately the fix was not retroactive. Everyone missing their rewards has to go through official support.

That’s already annoying, especially since support might not get back to you before Monday. But it gets increasingly frustrating considering that the exact same thing happened last year as well. We’re not sure this is a matter of Cryptic and PWE not being on the same page or somebody simply forgetting to activate the event. But either way it would be kinda cool if stuff was working for once. Granted, it’s not a big thing, but lots of small issues can stack up to a sizeable pile as well. And hey, these type of repeated hiccups certainly never look great.

Winter Charge Rewards Glitch

Even if you charged your currency after the fix, you might not get all the rewards by the way! That’s because players realized you could claim the included 5 Enchanted Keys on multiple characters. You could even create new chars, claim the pack, delete them, and repeat the process. That obviously wasn’t intended as the rewards are always a one-time claim. First standard protocol applied and all talk about the glitch was censored, but then the devs made the right choice, quickly acknowledged their mistake through an official post by the mods and were also able to deactivate the affected reward tier.

[su_quote]We were recently made aware of an issue in which multiple characters on the same account could claim the Lockbox Key Pack from the Promotion Agent. For the time being, we have disabled claiming the first tier of Charge Rewards. This will be re-enabled in a later update, likely in approximately two weeks.[/su_quote]

Good: Nobody can unintentionally claim more keys! Bad: Nobody can claim any keys! For now charging 1,000 ZEN won’t come with the extra benefits. You will however eventually get the keys unless you already claimed them. So for the second year in a row the Winter Charge Rewards started off on the wrong foot. Overall it’s a little disappointing that there are two separate issues with a product that involves real money from players, but we are thick-skinned by now, aren’t we? Let’s just hope handing out all rewards doesn’t take as long as with the infamous Bonus Companion Rewards. In the meantime, you can still enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and the flurry of other sales and promotions the game has to offer.

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