Quartermaster’s Receive Expected Nerf With Alliances

Patch day on the preview server brought the potential release candidate for Maze Engine: Alliances, that is scheduled to hit live next Tuesday. The patch war largely unspectacular with just a few new icons added. One thing of interest might be indications that there could be Influence and Stronghold currency double weekends in the future. In earlier releases corresponding event switches had already been added.

One major and expectable gameplay related change however was added: The Quartermaster’s Enchantment was nerfed with a cap similar to the Dragon’s Hoard.

[su_quote cite=”terramak” url=”http://forum.arcgames.com/neverwinter/discussion/1216931″]Quartermaster’s Enchantment: Similar to the Dragon Hoard Enchantment, the bonus drops given by this item now reduce in frequency after a certain number of drops in a day.[/su_quote]

This was inevitable as the enchant as constructed was just too good and extremely botting friendly. It’s actually surprising they kept the drops BoE, but maybe they are actively trying to give players something to sell and counter botting with other mechanics. Time will tell whether this is successful. If not, expect the drops to eventually become bound as well.

We hope you’ve followed our advise to be careful and not go all-in on the enchantment, because it just got a little bit harder to get your investment back. We still rank Quartermaster’s over a Fey Blessing though.


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