Russian Drider Server Increases Maximum ZEN Exchange Rate to 1000

Players of the Russian Drider server woke up today realizing all of their ZAX offers had been cancelled and the threshold of the exchange raised to 1,000 AD per ZEN. Our tracker database confirms the change was made around midnight MST (Moscow Standard Time).

Drider ZAXThe Russian server has always operated on a higher threshold at 590 ZEN per AD and has build up a huge backlog over three months now that peaked at 6,000,000 ZEN yesterday. Since there’s no official announcement we can only speculate, but it seems rather obvious that the devs are trying to drastically up the incentive to exchange ZEN into ADs. Might be coincidence, but the move is accompanied by a ZEN promotion as well. The exchange needed only a couple hours to hit the new cap and is currently building a backlog at 1,000 AD again.

If there is no exploit involved – big backlogs on the international Dragon server where always somewhat artificial – you can probably argue that economy wise the move makes sense. Obviously the cap didn’t work for the Russian server and turnaround times of several weeks in the exchange is no ideal scenario for the players and company alike.

For free-2-play players however this might raise a red flag as all ZEN related prices instantly doubled over night. Among other things Mounts, Wards, Companions and the VIP package are affected. It is a troubling sign the devs are generally not hesitant to touch the ZAX, because the exchange rate is a prime indicator of how free-2-play the game is.

We’ll update this post if we can get more information over the day.


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