Sea of Moving Ice Console Primer: Artifact Weapons, Gear and Svardborg

Today the consoles get the “Sea of Moving Ice” update and you guys know we won’t let you out in the cold without our Primer! The update will feature gear upgrade, a new Trial and some new systems like Fishing and Sailing. We were going over Fishing, Sailing and Dungeon Keys yesterday and continue with gear and group content today. Have fun with it!

Relic Artifact Weapons

Sea of Moving Ice comes with a new tier of Artifact Weapons that are best-in-slot for the vast majority of builds (Example). The set is acquired by completing the story quests in the Sea of Moving Ice, but has to be restored like the Relic gear. It requires a ton of different resources from Fishing, Heroic Encounters and Dailies. We’ve got you covered in this post, but it ain’t pretty.

After the restoration the next phase of the grind takes over. You can’t upgrade them using the old Marks, but have to farm new ones from the Svardborg Trial. If you want to go all the way to orange, prepare for a true hassle. The Legendary Marks only drop in the Master version and as usual the drop rates are not great. Players also need keys for the corresponding chests. There are three different Mark types and three different chests that drop them. There are no traditional keys to farm however. Instead completing tasks adds reputation that can then be spent to open the chests. Heroic Encounters add Storm Giant Support, Dailies Arcane Brotherhood Support and Fishing Elk Tribe Support. The amount of reputation you can amass is capped at five ranks (chests).

So to farm Svardborg and get all required types of Marks, you need to run dailies, Heroic Encounters and fish. And yes, this actually is as horrible as it sounds. There are good news however: The purple version of the set already comes with all unlocked slots and Rare and Epic Marks are relatively easy to obtain (standard drop in Master Svardborg). Additionally Refining Points are a non issue. You get way more than you need for the new weapons by doing the Treasure Hunt.

Vivified Armor Sets

Besides Weapons also the Relic Armor sets receive an additional tier. They can be upgrade to Vivified state (Example) in which the pieces start at 150 item level and Voninblod Empowerment can bring them up to 160. Fortunately the upgrade process is rather simple compared to the Weapons. All you need are so called Ostorian Tale Carvings that may be exchanged for Testimonies at the newly arrived Historian in Bryn Shander. These Carvings drop from Svardborg once per week and alongside a large amount of Voninblod can be used to upgrade the Relic pieces. All Enchantments and Reinforcement Kits remain untouched in the process by the way.

Vivified Armor on PC was seen mostly as way to get out of the Voninblod grind of Storm Kings Thunder. Even unempowered their item level surpasses that of Dragonflight Gear and is on par with Masterwork. So high-end item levels do no longer have to be achieved by continued investment of Voninblod.


The Svardborg Trial becomes the new capstone group content in the game. It has to  be unlocked in the campaign and comes with a Normal and Master version. Normal requires 2,800 item level, Master 3,200, 28% Everfrost Resistance and having completed Fangbreaker Island. The only gameplay difference between the two is that players are able to re-enter the fight after death in the normal version. We have a full guide up that covers the most important stuff.

Svardborg delivers the needed items to upgrade your gear in Sea of Moving Ice. Both the Tale Carvings for Vivified as well as the new Marks for the Artifact Weapons drop from there. If you’re able to jump right into Master, it’s not recommended to mess around with Normal. It doesn’t drop the Legendary Marks and if you have a solid team, the difference in difficulty is marginal.

Composition matters

The key to beating the Trial is survivability. Most groups depend solely on Anointed Army, but in a team of ten where five or six slots should go to support there’s enough room to mix debuffs, mitigation and tanking from different classes and builds. Just do not overload on DPS. This Trial like Fangbreaker Island cannot just be outgeared, you need a proper composition to beat it. If you own a DC or Tank that’s close to the requirements and you want an easy way into groups, bring them up. Especially Clerics are on high demand on PC.

A final note on Svardborg and Artifact Weapons: Module 11 will bring new ones that are on par with Relics and seem to be easier to obtain. Before fully committing to farming the Trial you might want to monitor the news coming from the preview server. We will keep you posted in the coming weeks!

That’s our Console Primer guys! We hoped you enjoyed it and feel prepared to face the cold in the North! In case you have any additions or questions, post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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