Sea of Moving Ice Console Primer: Fishing, Sailing and Dungeon Keys

Tomorrow the consoles will get the “Sea of Moving Ice” update and you guys know we won’t let you out in the cold without our Primer! The update will feature gear upgrade, a new Trial and some new systems like Fishing and Sailing. We are going to go through all important additions today and tomorrow and describe what to expect. Have fun with it!

New zone, Sailing and Campaign extension

After beating Drufi on Fangbreaker Island only to find out that the Ring of Winter is not there, the story brings players north to the Sea of Moving Ice. It’s a completely new zone with a new unique element: Sailing. The huge map consists of several islands that are unattached to each other and players use Khyeks to travel between them. By entering the water, players are automatically transferred to their Khyek and vice versa.

The transition between land and water is not perfect, but the boat travel is intriguing enough so that it doesn’t really matter. Khyeks come in three tiers with 50%, 80% and 110% speed. All of these can be unlocked by playing the campaign, there is no ZEN involved at all. On solid ground players are able to use their regular Mounts as usual.

The campaign gets a Tiamat-like extension. Players can spend three points into the last boon, either upgrading an existing or picking a new one. Unfortunately the amount of needed Voninblod is massive and you want to carefully measure the usefulness. Just like Tiamat, it might not be worth the effort.

Fishing and Treasure Hunt

While travelling on the water, your power bar is switched to a new one that allows Fishing. It’s similar to the Sahha game where players also operated with a completely new set of At-Wills, Encounter and Dailies. The fishing process is rather simple and self-explanatory, but it’s helpful to know that you need to keep your encounter keys pressed while reeling in the fish. Some players just tapped they keys and wondered why each fish got away.

Fishing is not a pure cosmetic mechanic though. It has several gameplay relevant stuff attached to it and one is the Treasure Hunt. In so called Active Spots that pop up randomly all around the zone, you are not only able to catch bigger fish, but also Treasure Maps. These point to one of over 30 hidden Treasure Chests with significant loot. So significant, that Fishing and hunting them down is the most profitable thing to do. We’re not kidding. Fish. All. Day!

Next to several Module specific Profession Resources, Fish, the purple Khyek and Pole, Treasure Chests grant significant amounts of Voninblod Relics and Refining Points up to Brilliant Diamonds! Again: Fishing is THE thing to do. In the first days you don’t even need to hunt the Treasures, just sell the Maps on the Auction House.

A complete guide to Fishing, Active Spots and the Treasure Hunt locations can be found here.

Dungeon Key Changes

Well console guys, you might have been hit with the Trade Bar Store changes first, but this time PC passes over a controversial nerf change. Regular readers of our site might be familiar with “Keygate” and we’re not going to go over everything again. The short summary is that peeking into chests will no longer be possible, but the RNG loot from chests and bosses has been majorly upped.

It’s really a two-edged sword. So far gunning for legendary Rings in Demogorgon for example you could do 100 runs, look into 100 chests and only take the loot you find favorable. Now that this is no longer possible, 100 chests require 100 keys. It’s obvious that the farming capabilities of dungeons are severely trimmed that way. You first need to acquire keys through the campaigns, VIP or buy them and then run the corresponding content.

More Loot!

So you are most likely doing less runs than before, but will get more loot in those. There are some very encouraging reports of unbound Artifact drops, Mounts and stuff. So burning through your leftover keys can really be profitable in the first days before the market will have settled to the new improved drop rates. Note that all rare Artifacts and Gear that drops from Dungeons and Trials is bound to get way cheaper. So if you have something stashed away, it’s time to panic and sell it! The Shard of Orcus’ Wand for example went from 5M to 1.5M within a week.

A complete guide on how to adjust to the Dungeon Key Changes is located here.

That’s it for today folks! The second part is up as well and features new Artifact Weapons, Vivified Relic Gear and the new Svardborg Trial! In case you have any additions or questions, post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board!

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