Sea of Moving Ice Svardborg Guide: Powers and Mechanics

Since a few weeks adventurer’s are able to storm Svardborg and confront Storvald. A lot of runs are still pretty wild, because there’s a lot going on and people need to sort out all the mechanics. Good we’re here to help you out with our Svardborg guide! In three pieces this and next week I’m going through all powers and phases and will talk about group composition as well.


Let’s start one mechanic players should already be comfortable, but struggling the most with. Permafrost is part of the Drufi fight in Fangbreaker Island, but slightly changed in this one. Instead of signalling the AoE, players are randomly caught in Permafrost Ice with no ability to dodge. The Shards do also have more Hit Points at slightly over 800,000. Teammates have to free the victims by destroying the Shards within a few seconds or the imprisoned will die. Most players do not seem to be really aware of Permafrost, which is forgivable because there’s really a lot going on. That’s why some have started to call out “Ice” to make everyone notice. Pretty vintage Valindra’s Tower action!


Hypothermia works just like in the Drufi fight. A random member of the group is targeted and after a few seconds will be hit with a flurry of lethal damage. Nearby teammates however take a share of the damage as well, so all you need to do is group up. Since it’s not as easy to locate and coordinate this, I’d suggest that the victim tries to dive into the crowd.


This AoE is placed onto two players simultaneously and explodes after a few seconds, damaging the targets and everyone around them. Additionally the AoE remains on the ground and deals DoT damage to everyone standing in it. Some players suggested that the explosion does also damage the boss, but I couldn’t verify that using the ACT. So imho it’s best to carry the AoE away from the group, let it explode and return to the fight. Most players should not die to the initial damage. It’s around 60,000 + Everfrost.

Call of Winter & Winter’s Fury

Call of Winter is another ability well known from the Drufi fight, yet slightly changed. Since you need to destroy Permafrost in the Svardborg fight, you can’t hide. Players instead have to occupy runes to lessen the blow from Call of Winter. Four runes can be occupied and two are normally enough to avoid lethal damage.

Boreal Axe

The standard attack of the boss is a massive strike with his Axe, damaging everything in a straight line in front of him. With 300,000 base damage + Everfrost the hit can only be survived by tanks. The area of effect is also greater than you would expect. DPS should just avoid fronting the boss altogether.


To be honest I haven’t gotten behind this one yet. Duumvirate is a massive AoE strike that hits everyone for 230,000-ish damage + Everfrost and selected targets with slightly over a million. The boss seems to use it more often during the final phase and since the amount of times drastically varies I would assume you can somehow avoid this. Especially when occupying runes I’ve been hit with lethal damage more than once from this. So my best guess is that the amount of damage has something to do with your distance to the boss? But again: I’m absolutely not sure and if you die from a random source, Duumvirate might be it.

That’s it for today folks! In case you have any additions or questions make sure to post them in the comments below or visit the corresponding thread on our message board.

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  • May 2, 2017 at 6:10 am

    Duumvirate targets a tank with 2 arrows and roots them, another player/tank has to stand next to the targeted player and the arrows split, I’ve seen it split 3 times if there are 3 tanks. When it splits the damage is significantly less.

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