Storm Kings Thunder to Introduce Fishing, New PVP Queues and Prebuilt Class Purchases

The preview server was updated with the next patch of Storm Kings Thunder on Tuesday. Our dataminers crawled through the game files and found quite interesting additions that didn’t make the official patch notes.


Fishing is one of the fan-favorites in the Winter Event. It looks like the devs might make it a permanent feature as they have added many fishing related powers to the game. But it’s not just interacting with a node like during the Winter Festival. The new fishing will introduce a full set of Encounters and fishing related At-Wills similar to what we saw with Sahha at the Summer Festivities. Additionally the power names indicate you actually need to work for a catch. The stuff is labeled “M10b” however, so fishing will be introduced later in the Module.

PVP Solo and Duo Queues

Next to the new Stronghold hourly event there are indications of solo and duo queues. At this point it’s hard to say how exactly this is going to be implemented. It might be hourly events as well or separate PVP queues. Stronghold Siege will also get its own Banner Artifact that buffs Recovery and Incoming Healing for allies and debuffs damage of foes.

Prebuilt Characters

Prebuilt characters will go on sale in the ZEN Market starting with Module 10. It seems like you can buy them from the character creation screen. Characters will be 70, so this seems to be the equivalent to boosts in other games. The first included setup is the one of the Control Wizard:

[su_note note_color=”#c8c8c8″]

  • Artificing Rank 25
  • Tailoring Rank 25
  • Completed Elemental Evil Campaign



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One thought on “Storm Kings Thunder to Introduce Fishing, New PVP Queues and Prebuilt Class Purchases

  • August 1, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    wow that prebuilt classes thing really sucks. Not that the above example is THAT awesome, but it will drastically increase the numbers of clueless gearless level 70s looking for support.

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