Streamer Group Azrael’s Knights Host Charity Streams for Non-Profit Organization 22Kill

In this post we’d like to highlight a honorable event that streamers of the Neverwinter community are hosting from My 17th 12:00 AM Eastern to May 25th 12:00 PM Eastern. Organizer FNHUSA57 and other known faces will support the non-profit organization “22Kill” through charity streams. The group will operate under the name “Azrael’s Knights” and hope to be online 24/7 for eight straight days!

The charity 22Kill is an organization dedicated to raising the public’s, veterans’, and first responders’ awareness of the readjustment, emotional, and mental issues that our veterans & first responders face as they assimilate back into civilian life. Some of these issues include, but are not limited to, coping with PTSD and the prevention of suicide. The statistics show that 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Hence, the organization’s name. 22Kill offers help to these veterans & first responders.

FNHUSA also provided some context for the group’s name:

[su_quote]Azreal, in Hebrew, is the Archangel of Death; and only takes those who have been called! Since the people who need 22Kill’s program have NOT been called, the Knights will not let them pass. Instead, the Knights help them to find their way to complete the missions that they ARE called to do![/su_quote]

Here’s the full schedule (all times Eastern):

17th fnhusa57 (12:00 am – 11:59 pm) (24 hours)
Thurs. Streaming: Neverwinter

18th evilbunnifufu (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Fri. Streaming: Neverwinter

18th KodeReader (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Fri. Streaming: Elder Scrolls Online & Neverwinter

19th Retired8404 (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Sat. Streaming: Elder Scrolls Online ( ESO )

19th Vaultamor (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Sat. Streaming: Neverwinter

20th Retired8404 (12:00 am – 11:59 pm) (24 hours)
Sun. Streaming: Elder Scrolls Online ( ESO )

21st fnhusa57 (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Mon. Streaming: Neverwinter

21st Dr_jurassic (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Mon. Streaming: TBD

22nd EvilMrHyde (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Tues. Streaming: Neverwinter

22nd AlsRandomKill (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Tues. Streaming: Neverwinter

23rd fnhusa57 (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Wed. Streaming: Neverwinter

23rd ??? (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Wed. Streaming:

24th EvilMrHyde (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Thurs. Streaming: Neverwinter

24th CatDawgjr (Noon – 11:59 pm) (12 hours)
Thurs. Streaming: Neverwinter

25th fnhusa57 (12:00 am – Noon) (12 hours)
Fri. Streaming: Neverwinter

We’d definitely like to thanks the involved streamers for using their channels and popularity for a good cause! If you feel like this is something you want to support, make sure to check out 22Kill’s website and show up on the streams. The guys and gals will provide you with all the information you need to participate and donate!

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